What Is a Hybrid Mattress?

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Something that everyone needs is a bed to sleep on. Having a bed meets one of the most basic safety and security needs, yet people are extremely selective when it comes to picking the best one for them. Mattresses can offer a lot of different features in today’s day and age, and there are certain things that are important to some, but not to others. Recently, to get away from the traditional spring mattress, companies have been introducing a different type of mattress called a hybrid mattress. Understandably, people really want to know whether or not these hybrid mattresses are any better than regular old-fashioned mattresses? Are they better for your sleep quality? And finally, are they more cost-effective in the long run?


So What Even is a Hybrid Mattress Anyway?


Hybrid mattresses are, as the name suggests, a hybrid between spring mattresses and entirely foam mattresses. This usually means the mattress itself is composed of both coils and memory foam. These types of mattresses usually have more foam than the sort of traditional mattresses which advertise as having memory foam as the top layer. Hybrids also have a somewhat flatter top, rather than having a tufted top. Hybrids are like the best of both worlds; they offer the pressure-relieving benefits of a foam mattress combined with the familiar feeling of a traditional mattress’s support system.

Differences Between Hybrid and Foam Mattresses


The main difference between the two is what is inside the mattress. Foam mattresses are just that: several layers of foam that are made to conform to the contours of your body. Foam mattresses usually have about three different layers. 

  • The base layer is the support layer, which is made out of the highest density foam and can improve durability so the bed won’t become saggy. 
  • The next layer is more of a “transition” layer that goes between the base and the top, improving support. 
  • The top layer is known as the comfort layer and has plush protection for pressure points at the shoulders and hips.

However, in a hybrid bed, the support layer is replaced by coils. Beds with coils are easier to move around on because they are more responsive to movement. However, foam mattresses are better at motion isolation. This is a good feature for 2 people sharing a bed who have different schedules. 

One of the benefits of a hybrid bed is that the coils improve the coolness of the mattress and improve the overall breathability of the mattress. There is usually a bit of heat retention in all-foam mattresses. The innerspring coils of hybrids provide the most optimal airflow for staying cool.

Foam mattresses have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, which drives the price up due to supply and demand. This means these mattresses have inflated prices, so you may not really be getting what you pay for.  


Benefits of Hybrid Mattresses

  • Hybrid mattresses do not give you that slowly sinking feeling you get in a foam mattress. There is more bounce in a hybrid mattress. 
  • Another upside is that hybrids are a great value and a practical investment in something that will last. This type of mattress can provide endless customizations that won’t break the bank. You get a lower-cost product without sacrificing quality. 
  • The breathability is something worth mentioning again because no one wants to sweat while they sleep. Coils in a hybrid mattress transfer heat 28% better than memory foam ones. If you get extra warm when sleeping, there are even hybrids that use cooling-gel foam that help to regulate temperature.
  • The customization of s hybrid is something no other type of mattress offers. You can build one from the core up, just the way you like it. For the base, you could go with pocket-coil springs or an innerspring type. For the comfort layer, you can pick between latex foam, memory foam, or polyfoam. As for the top layer, you could add a pillow top or any other type of quilted type cushioning. 
  • Something that not a lot of people think about when it comes to mattresses is edge support. This term refers to the structural integrity that goes along the edges of the mattress. Foam mattresses usually don’t have very good edge support. But because of the supportive springs in hybrids, the edge support is excellent. 
  • Hybrid mattresses are also great for relieving pain. Mattresses are so important to our overall health because we usually use them for at least 8 hours a day. This can have a huge impact on our well-being, causing issues that affect us all day long. Hybrid mattresses contouring to your body provides relief in the places your body needs it the most. 
  • The top layers in hybrids provide a barrier between your body and the coils, so they will never poke you while you sleep. 
  • Hybrid mattresses can be pretty heavy. This can make it a lot harder to reposition your bed in your room if you feel like switching it up. But on the upside, hybrids do not need to be flipped regularly as traditional mattresses do, so once they are in the place you like them, they can stay there for as long as you have the mattress.

Who Should Buy a Hybrid Mattress?


  • Since hybrids give you the combination of bounciness and that soft “melting” feeling, the best people for these kinds of beds are people who enjoy those things. Hybrids make sleeping, relaxing, and reading in bed more enjoyable than other types of mattresses. 
  • Mattress reviews showed that when studying the popularity and performance of mattresses, that customers preferred hybrids. These beds had a higher satisfaction rating than any other type of bed. Hybrids are slowly becoming more and more popular amongst people tired of traditional mattresses.

How Long do Hybrids Last?


Mattresses aren’t made to last forever, but good quality ones do last for a pretty long time. The question is, how can you tell when you should get a new one? If your bed has dust mites, mildew, or is sagging, it may be time to shop for a new one. Mattresses last an average of ten years, but people tend to buy them more frequently than that. 

This could be in part due to the fact that mattress companies have convinced people they need new mattresses more than they really do. Hybrids last on average eight to ten years, depending of course on how you take care of it, and how many people use it. 

But eight to ten years isn’t that long when you think about it. Since mattresses always cost an arm and a leg, it is important to get the most bang for your buck. There is an alternative solution besides hybrids, and that is a product called convertible mattresses. These are mattresses that can be converted into another type of furniture, like a chair. That way, you have additional seating during the day, and a comfortable bed at night. Unlike all the other types or furniture, these rarely wear out and can last for decades. This way you don’t have to save up every 10 years for another huge purchase. A popular form of convertible mattress is in the form of a bean bag. These come in a variety of different sizes, ranging from twin to king. They are made with polyurethane foam and can be bought in a large variety of colors.

In Summary


Mattresses are very personal to us. We spend a good part of our lives on them, between sleeping and just hanging out. People spend lots of time buying things to compliment mattresses, such as a box spring or a bedframe. They buy fancy blankets and silk sheets to sleep on. But at the end of the day, if you don’t have a good quality mattress, all of these extra things are for nothing. You will be uncomfortable, and won’t get a good night’s sleep, which is extremely important. Not getting a quality night of sleep can have life-long health repercussions. 

This is why picking the right mattress for your needs is vital to your well being. 

Hybrids are in essence the best of foam and traditional mattresses. They provide comfort and durability. But they are not the only option out there. People have different needs, from different walks of life, so something like saving space may be high on your list of priorities. In that case, something that is convertible is much more useful to you than a regular mattress that usually takes up at least a quarter of someone’s room. If you decide to go with a chair that turns into a bed, you will have the extra space during the day to do whatever you want. Of course, this option is not for everyone, but it is definitely worth looking into.\








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