Bean Bag Bed: The Most Comfortable Spot Around

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They’ve been around since the late 1990s, but have gained increased popularity in recent years as the need for more space-saving, comfy furniture with versatility has risen.  Bean bag beds are amazing pieces of furniture that serve as two pieces of furniture in one.  They operate as both a luxuriously comfortable chair and a bed that will leave anyone that sleeps upon it feeling fresh and well-rested.  Maybe you have seen convertible bean bag beds at a friend or family member’s home.  Perhaps you’ve come across them in an internet search for how to save space, retain style, increase comfort, and provide additional bedding other than an air mattress.  There’s a chance you bumped into them while looking for a bean bag chair or lounger for your home or rental property.  Regardless of where you were first introduced to them, you may be wondering to yourself, “Where can I find a bean bag bed?”  Look no further.  We have your complete guide to not only finding a bean bag bed but also learning about how they can save you money and space while providing the ultimate in seating and bedding environments.   

What Is a Bean Bag Bed?


Very simply, a bean bag bed is a bean bag style chair that has the ability to be slept upon.  Some bean bag beds will claim that they are comfortable as a sleeper in their chair state; in other words, there is no conversion to an actual bed or mattress, the chair is comfortable enough for seating and sleeping.  We disagree.  While it’s true some bean bag chairs are large enough to be sat upon and perhaps napped upon, for a good night’s sleep, you just can’t beat the real thing; a full size mattress.  That’s why we believe CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag chairs are the gold standard when it comes to bean bag sofas that have a bed in it.  Not only are our bean bag chairs incredibly comfortable (and perfect for napping if you should decide to accidentally fall asleep on one), they also provide a real, actual mattress inside.  Once the outer shell of the bean bag is removed, you can pull out a full-sized mattress filled with furniture grade polyurethane foam that feels like memory foam.  These mattresses have been reviewed and tested and are found equally as comfortable (if not more comfortable) than a standard mattress you’d find on any bed and definitely more so than a sofa bed.  That’s what makes our convertible bean bag beds different.  No other foam bean bag bed can boast an actual mattress; we know because we hold the patent.   

What Makes a Bean Bag Bed Comfortable?


It may seem like any type of guest bedding could never be comfortable.  That’s easy to understand.  The current options consist of air mattresses, pull-out sofas and chairs, and cot or trundle beds.  Considering sleeping upon those options makes us pretty miserable.  No one wants to spend the night on any of those contraptions.  Luckily, the convertible bean bag bed eliminates the need for bulky pull-out sofas, uncomfortable cots, or air mattresses that slowly lose air and leave you on the floor by morning.  The convertible bean bag bed is a better way to host overnight guests.  But how does it differ?  What makes it more comfortable?  First and foremost, the convertible bean bag bed is an actual mattress.  Inside of every CordaRoy’s bean bag is an actual mattress that allows you to buy the perfect size whether you need a full-size bed, a queen size or even a king size!  But can you count on these mattresses to actually provide a good and comfortable night’s sleep?  Absolutely.  Our high-quality mattresses are filled with a proprietary blend of furniture grade polyurethane foam filling cut into randomized pieces to ensure even distribution while the bean bag is used as a chair and also when the mattress is removed and used for sleeping purposes.  There are also a range of different material bean bag covers for your giant bean bag ranging from chenille, to corduroy, to microsuede, to plush faux fur. You simply won’t find another space-saving solution that is as comfortable as our bean bag beds, and we guarantee that for life.  

How to Get Comfortable in Your Bean Bag Bed?


Convertible bean bag beds are comfortable for the reasons noted above, but how do you make sure you set your bean bag bed up to maximize comfort when it is time to sleep? Whether you plan to use your convertible bean bag for your main sleeping quarters (perhaps in a studio apartment) or for guest bedding, you’ll want to make sure when your bean bag is in its mattress form it is fully aerated and ready for sleep.  It does not matter if you haven’t used your bean bag chair for sleeping purposes in a long time, you will find your mattress still sleeps just as good as it did the first day you received it.  If your bean bag chair is currently in chair form, you’ll need to begin by removing the outer shell.  To do this, simply unzip the zipper and slide the outer shell off of the mattress.  Make sure your mattress is flat upon the floor. Next, flip your mattress end to end to jostle the internal foam and bring air inside the mattress.  This helps the mattress to fill with air which helps the foam separate and lie smoothly.  At this point, your mattress should be fully ready for sleep.  If it still needs more fluffing, you can follow the next steps to give it a bigger boost.  

  1. Gather some of the internal foam from the outside of the mattress shell between your hands and rub it against itself.  This helps break up any remaining clumps and assists in getting air into the foam so that the foam pieces fill out completely and create a smooth surface for sleeping.  
  2. Human rolling pin method.  If your mattress still needs more smoothing (which it likely would not unless you’ve just removed it from the box fresh from the factory) you can try the human rolling pin method.  To do this, simply lie on your back on one end of the mattress and roll your body across the length of the mattress back and forth several times.  This should be enough to evenly distribute the contents of the mattress and make it smooth and ready for sleep.  

 Once you unpack and fluff your mattress, you’re ready to add some sheets, blankets, and pillows and get ready for a night of sleep that will give any standard mattress a run for its money.  It should be noted that there is the availability of purchasing a waterproof mattress liner from CordaRoy’s to protect the mattress while it is in use.  Because the mattress is like any other mattress and won’t fit in your washing machine, you won’t be able to clean it.  It can be a lifesaver to place a waterproof liner over your mattress to protect it from dirt, debris, spills, and stains. However, our large bean bag beds come with a removable cover that is machine washable so that you can just unzip it and throw the cover into the washer! 

Bean bag beds are a wonderful option for space-saving bedding and are more comfortable than you can imagine.  Used as a chair or as a mattress, the convertible bean bag bed will quickly become the most loved and sought after seat in your home.  Anyone who tries to sleep on the bean bag mattress is likely to report how fabulous their night of sleep truly was.  Bean bag beds provide a great alternative to housing your guests on undesirable pull-out sofas and chairs, leaky air mattresses, or tiny trundles or cots.  They are the perfect piece for any room ranging from the living room, to the game room, to a dorm room -- any overnight guests will absolutely love it. Bean bag beds can also serve as your primary bedding when space is an issue.  Because they are completely easy to assemble and break down, there’s no reason you couldn’t do it on a nightly basis.  Bean bag beds and bean bag chairs offer a supreme level of comfort no other convertible furniture can boast.  You’ll save space and offer your guests a more comfortable stay by owning a bestseller convertible bean bag bed.  

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