The Most Comfortable Bean Bag Chair: Plenty of Squish and Support

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When you were younger, the only requirement for a bean bag chair was that it came in your favorite color.  As we have gotten older, times have changed, and so have the requirements for bean bag chairs.  We still love the idea of having a bean bag chair, but we wonder if it will look too juvenile to have in our homes.  We also wonder if we’d ever be able to get out of them once we sat down!  Not to worry, bean bag chairs have grown up just like we have, and the options now are endless.  Bean bag chairs today boast swanky, designer-style fabrics, premium fill, and extras that make them seriously cool.  However, the ultimate and most important requirement for your bean bag chair is that it is comfortable.  After all, what’s the point in having a bean bag chair if it isn’t the slightest bit comfortable?  The best bean bag chairs will have that familiar “enveloping” feel when you sit down, while still retaining enough shape to support your body and allow you to actually get up from the seated position.  By now you may be asking, “What is the most comfortable bean bag chair?”  We’ve got your answer.  Here are four features of what makes a bean bag chair the most comfortable seating option.   

The Fill


The fill of your bean bag chair is probably the most important aspect to consider when shopping for the most comfortable chair available.  The old standard polystyrene beads (the little white beads that feel like styrofoam) that filled the bean bag chairs of yesteryear are really horrible options, and quite frankly, somewhat of a joke in the bean bag chair industry.  In addition to the potential safety hazard they present for small children and pets, they just don’t give the seated user much in the way of comfort or support.  Initially, the sensation of sinking into a pellet-filled bean bag chair is unique and somewhat enjoyable, but very quickly you realize the pellets don’t provide much comfort at all.  They flatten out almost immediately, separate, and give way to the floor.  This means that’s where your bottom ends up; on the cold, hard floor.  Not only does this make pellets uncomfortable, it means they provide zero support to the lumbar or thoracic spine and make it darn near impossible to get out of.  A far superior option is polyurethane foam.  This is the same material used in memory foam mattresses.  It is high quality, long-lasting, and extremely comfortable.  At CordaRoy’s, we use a proprietary blend of furniture-grade polyurethane foam cut into randomized pieces which we place inside every bean bag.  Our bean bag sofas are unique in that they each contain a mattress that unfolds for additional bedding.  Our convertible bean bags are available in multiple sizes from youth to king.  Each mattress is filled with that same, top-of-the-line blended foam to ensure our bean bags are the most comfortable chairs (and mattresses) you’ll ever use.  Because we use foam and not pellets, our bean bags are able to cushion you better and support you more.  Our foam molds to the shape of your body for a plush seating experience like none other you’ve ever had.  Foam filling also means your spine is getting the support it needs when you are seated, so you’re never in an awkward position or an awkward situation when you’re ready to get up.  

The Dedicated Bottom and Back Option


Even though most find our bean bags incredibly supportive, you may prefer even more support and structure for lounging in your bean bag chair.  We can offer that to you in our ergonomic Nest chair.  The Nest provides the highest level of back support by being a bean bag chair with a dedicated bottom half and back.  This means the lounge chair sits in one position, with the seater’s back against a supportive back pillow, when in use.  This extra large chair offers anyone wishing full support the opportunity to use a bean bag chair without having to worry about not being able to sit comfortably or get out of the seat when they need to.  A dedicated bottom and back option may also be a great choice if you want a more structured look for your bean bag chair.  This option works perfectly as a gaming chair that provides you with support while you play your video games and even has pouches to store your controls making it way better than a recliner. 

Outer Cover


The outer shell of your large bean bag chair has the potential to make your bean bag chair more comfy, or completely undesirable.  Cover your bean bag chair in something itchy, scratchy, or stiff and the comfort provided by the bean bag fill doesn’t even matter.  No one wants to sit on fabric that doesn’t feel good.  The old standard, vinyl, doesn’t bring back fond memories.  It stuck to your skin, ripped and tore easily, and wasn’t breathable.  Better options are fabrics that practically demand to be touched.  Faux leather creates a cool, supple surface that is breathable and comfortable.  Faux fur is a top pick that begs to be touched and is amazingly soft to sit upon.  Other options like terry cloth, velour, or a microsuede cover also offer smooth, soft, textured surfaces that give a bean bag chair more comfort.  Some of these fabrics are even stain resistant and water resistant. Even a canvas or microfiber cover is a great option for comfort for those who prefer more of a neutral look.  No matter what you decide in the way of a cover, you just need to love sitting on it.  If you don’t, the bean bag won’t get used.  A great idea is to splurge on multiple covers in different colors so that you can interchange them according to your mood, season, or style of décor.  That makes the bean bag chair not only comfortable but versatile as well. Each bean bag lounger comes with a washable cover. All you have to do is unzip the safety zipper and take off the removable cover to throw it in the machine wash! 



At CordaRoy’s, we’re all about comfort.  That’s why we developed the only patented convertible bean bag chair that nestles you in ultimate comfort while you’re sitting or sleeping.  It's so comfortable that you will want to cocoon into it! Every one of our foam bean bag chairs hides a mattress inside.  Our mattresses are so comfortable you may never decide to sleep in your old bed again.  Our mattresses arrive with the perfect amount of squish and support; our customers agree.  But because we know it is impossible to build a mattress that is specifically firm or soft enough for every person, it's very easy to refill, fluff, or remove foam from the mattress.  You need only unlock the double zipper to carefully add or remove foam to create the perfect mattress specific to your needs.  However, 99% of the time, our customers never need to adjust the foam.  Because our mattresses fold inside our bean bag covers, they make the perfect bean bag chairs when not being used for sleep.  That same foam that gives the mattress the perfect feel gives the seat the same support and comfort.  Having a bed inside your bean bag not only means your bean bag is more comfortable, but it’s also just a great unexpected extra for anyone who could use a spare bed from time to time.  There’s simply nothing more versatile, more comfortable, or more space-saving than a convertible bean bag bed.  

Owning an oversized bean bag chair is like owning a little piece of heaven.  Buy a quality bean bag chair and you’re buying a spot in the house that is sure to become the absolute favorite whether it's the living room, your dorm room, or the playroom.  Buy an uncomfortable bean bag chair, and you’re basically wasting your money and wasting a great seating space in your home.  You can create a space that is inviting, stylish, and desirable by simply using a high quality, plush bean bag chair instead of an accent chair or sofa.  Finding the most comfortable bean bag chair with plenty of squish and the perfect amount of support can be tricky, so stick to reputable companies with great reviews.  Make sure the company from which you buy uses premium fills and fabrics and you’ll never have to worry about whether your chair will go flat or go unused.  

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