CordaRoy’s or Yogibo: How Do They Compare?

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Bean bag furniture has been a part of our lives for decades.  Whether we remember the vinyl covered, pellet-filled sac-seats from our childhood or from our first apartment, the bean bag chair provided us cheap, easy seating that shaped some of our fondest memories.  Unfortunately, once the filling inside the bean bags went flat, which was pretty quickly, the party was over, and we were left on the cold, hard floor.  Bean bag furniture has since evolved, and the options are a far cry from those toy store type specials.  Today’s bean bag chairs are filled with material that elevates the user to a level of comfort not experienced in the bean bag chairs of long ago.  And with the fabric and style options available, you can most definitely use a bean bag in your home as a beautiful and stylish accent piece. There are various durable cotton, cotton blends, and stretchy lycra materials in vibrant colors and patterns.  

Why You Need a Bean Bag


  1. Benefits:  Nothing beats a bean bag when it comes to style and versatility.  Whether you need additional seating or just want a fun piece of furniture that is completely comfortable, using a bean bag in lieu of a recliner or small sofa is a great idea.  Owning a bean bag lounger means you have the ability to change up your room and style based on the season, need, or simply your mood.  You’re never locked into one look.  Choosing a bean bag like the Nest chair provides a structured, elegant addition to any room, while still maintaining absolute comfort with no pressure points and giving you the ability to redecorate any time you wish.    
  1. Uses:  It’s so easy to use a bean bag chair in your own home, investment property or vacation rental, or even a college dorm.  There’s no right or wrong way to do it; simply find the spot where you want to sit comfortably and insert the bean bag.  It’s literally that simple.  If you purchase a convertible bean bag, like a CordaRoy’s, you’ll enjoy even more options.  Every CordaRoy’s has a bed hidden inside the outer shell.  Having an additional bed for overnight guests has never been more convenient.  You never have to dedicate a room as simply a “guest room” again.  You can use it as a multipurpose space and when guests arrive, simply unpack the body pillow-soft mattress inside and your guests will enjoy a great night’s sleep.  From sleepovers to camping, overnight guests to studio apartment bedding, there are hundreds of ways to use a CordaRoy’s.    
  1. Types of bean bags:  The bean bags of yesteryear were pretty much available in a one-size-fits-most mold.  Obviously, that one size didn’t fit everyone or every space.  Today, you can find bean bags in sizes that range from as small as an ottoman to large enough to fit two to three seated adults.  Newer fabric options mean we also aren’t stuck with neon-colored vinyl anymore.  With covers ranging from supple vegan leather to durable canvas, there’s always a texture to match your needs.  

 Bean bag filling has gotten an upgrade, too.  No longer are we limited to those white polystyrene pellets that crushed and flattened within weeks of use.  CordaRoy’s uses high-quality, furniture grade polyurethane foam to fill its bean bags.  Polyfoam never goes flat, and always feels as comfortable as the first day you owned the lounge bag.   

Where to Buy a Bean Bag


A quick internet search yields hundreds of results for bean bags, and some of them are bargain basement priced.  As with most anything, especially furniture, there is a definite scale of quality and design to consider when investing in a bean bag.  Lower end styles have a cheaper fill, thinner fabric, and simply don’t last as long as better quality bean bags.  That’s why it’s important to make sure you purchase a bean bag from a company that specializes in them.  CordaRoy’s has been in the bean bag biz since 1998.  We know bean bags, and we know comfort; it’s what we do.    

While we’re pretty sure CordaRoy’s is the best bean bag on the planet, we know you like to compare shops.  There are a lot of options out there, and we’ve seen them all.  We don’t like to call other bean bag companies competitors, because we really don’t think our product is anything like a standard bean bag.  After all, no other bean bag has a full-size mattress hidden inside!  Regardless, here’s a helpful comparison between CordaRoy’s and Yogibo bean bags.    






Structured chair available

Yes (Nest)


Converts to full bedding





Polystyrene pellets



Below Average-pellets flatten with usage

Removable covers



Washable covers



Waterproof protection available?


outdoor options only



1 year

Family Owned/Operated




5-7 days

Within 2 weeks


*The Yogibo version of “bedding” is a polystyrene filled bean bag in a size large enough to accommodate an adult lying down.  It is not a mattress.  

We’re sure Yogibos makes a product that is great for some, but for us, filling a bean bag with polystyrene pellets means you just don’t take comfort seriously.  But for the sake of argument, let’s dig a little deeper.  Here are some key differences between a CordaRoy’s bean bag chair/bed and a Yogibo bean bag chair.  



CordaRoy’s bean bags come with a lifetime warranty, and we mean lifetime.  We’re still in contact with the owners of some of the first bean bag chairs/beds we ever sold, and we’re happy to report the owners are still as pleased and as comfortable with their chairs as they were on the day they were delivered.  While Yogibo does offer a warranty, it only lasts for one year.  We’re kind of skeptical of any product that isn’t guaranteed to perform after a year of use.  CordaRoy’s also tests their fabrics for awesomeness to make sure we’re delivering the highest quality, most durable fabric available while maintaining comfort at the same time.  Yogibos offers spandex covers.  There’s not a lot we can say about spandex, except that we sure did love it in the early 90s.   



At CordaRoy’s, we specialize in comfort.  That’s why all CordaRoy’s chairs/beds are filled with a blend of dense polyfoam, cut into differently shaped pieces to ensure your chair/bed never goes flat and always delivers comfortability superior to any other option.  And since we know it’s impossible to please everyone when it comes to how soft or firm a chair/bed should be, we always give you the option to customize your level of comfort.  Our mattresses have wide child-safe zippers that make the addition of extra filling or removal of filling an easy and mess-free process. 

Yogibo bean bag chairs are filled with polystyrene microbeads; the same low-quality filling used in bean bag chairs from years ago.  These beads are notorious for flattening out and leaving you holding the (empty) bag.  While Yogibo does sell extra packets of beads for chairs that have become “hungry,” their own website outlines how the refill process can be a disaster.  “The beans will want to come out…the beads escape and get all over.”  We’ll pass, thanks, and instead opt for chairs/beds that are comfortable right out of the box and almost never need adjusting.  

Ownership and Customer Service


Yogibo started out small but its current business model is to sell as much as possible through a network of chain stores that operate domestically and internationally.  

Cordaroy’s is still owned and operated by the same family guy that invented the first convertible bean bag chair/bed in Gainesville, Florida, United States in the late 1990s.  We own the patent, the showroom, and the manufacturing.  All this translates to customer service with heart.  We provide our phone number on all our packaging, our website, and anywhere else we think it would be helpful.  You’ll always get a live human when you call us.  


Because polystyrene pellets are substantially cheaper to use as a filling, it’s quite possible to pay a little less for a Yogibo llc than a CordaRoy’s.  It’s also quite possible to imagine how many refill packets you’ll need to keep your bean bag “fed,” and at $35.00 per package the cost can really add up.  We also aren’t quite sure how long a spandex cover will last, so the price would be a factor in considering that after a year of use, the outer shell of a Yogibo is no longer under warranty.  

At CordaRoy’s, we really do take comfort seriously.  We want you to be 100% happy with our products and feel like you made the best investment possible.  The  best bean bag chairs are stylish and versatile.  You can use them in any room of your house such as your playroom, living room, or sensory room, and provide great seating options that you and your guests will love.  There are numerous options available so that you can match price with comfort and design and create a seating area you’ll love.  Incorporating a traditional bean bag into your home décor will be a decision you’ll not regret.    

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