CordaRoy’s vs Ultimate Sack: What’s the Difference?

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If you’re considering using a bean bag in your space, you’ve come to the right place.  Bean bag furniture is an easy and effective way to add comfort and style to your home, investment property, vacation rental, or college dorm.  No other furniture piece can quite offer the comfort of a bean bag, and with the available sizes, fabrics, and color options it’s easy to find a bean bag that perfectly fits your needs.    


Why You Need a Bean Bag


  1. Benefits of Having a Bean Bag:  Bean bag furniture is unique in its ability to conform and melt into practically any space.  While you can definitely use a bean bag as a statement piece, beautiful, structured bean bag chairs like the Nest chair slip into any space and add trend, style, and comfort to your décor. The Nest chair is the first of its kind; a bean bag that has a structured bottom and backrest.  When considering versatility, nothing compares to using a bean bag.  Unlike traditional pieces of furniture, a bean bag can be easily relocated to any space depending on season or mood.  Additionally, bean bags are ridiculously comfortable.  You’ll enjoy comfort, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced when you sink into a plush bean bag chair.  
  1. Bean Bag Options:  Bean bags are available in so many shapes and sizes it can be overwhelming to decide the right one for your needs.  Traditionally, bean bags have been available in the familiar circular or “baseball” shape in somewhat of a one-size-fits-most body style.  Today bean bags come in options ranging from child size to extra-large or “king” size.  CordaRoy’s has size options ranging from youth to king, each with the ability to fit the user comfortably without ever going flat.  CordaRoy’s uses furniture grade polyfoam stuffing instead of polystyrene pellets or other cheap fills to ensure our bean bags are the supreme level of comfort.  
  1. Who Can Use a Bean Bag:  Anyone can use a bean bag in just about any setting.  Bean bags are popular and fun additions to children’s bedrooms and playrooms.  They are comfortable, snuggly options for media rooms, open living areas, and game rooms.  They’re perfect for providing additional seating when needed and easy to stow away when not.  Purchasing a convertible bean bag from CordaRoy’s means you’ll also enjoy the added benefit of having guest bedding; every CordaRoy’s has a mattress inside!  Our bean bags contain a polyfoam filled mattress that can easily be taken out to provide additional bedding.  

Where to Buy a Bean Bag


When bean bags began increasing popularity in the early 2000s, it seemed every half-rate company was on a mission to flood the market with their own “special” version.  You can, of course, still find these budget styled options today at just about any discount or bargain store.  If, however, you want to ensure comfort and style while maintaining the integrity of your home’s décor, we suggest buying from a company that specializes in bean bags.  

There are a few companies that make decent bean bag furniture.  We might be biased, but we think CordaRoy’s tops them all.  In fact, we’re so sure you’ll love CordaRoy's more than any other bean bag available, we’re providing a comparison of our product and the other guys, Ultimate Sack, right here.         


Ultimate Sack




Structured chair available

Yes (Nest)


Converts to full bedding





Shredded Foam

Additional Fill Free on Request

Yes, but generally never needed





Removable covers



Machine Washable covers



Waterproof protection available?





10-year manufacturer*

Family Owned/Operated




5-7business days

Within 2 weeks


*Ultimate Sack’s 10-year manufacturer warranty covers zippers, fabric, seams, and foam.  It does not cover the inner liner with a child safety lock that holds the foam and is most likely to become damaged.   

Our ultimate Sack was developed in response to dissatisfaction with another popular bean bag on the market.  We’re pretty sure if they’d just purchased a CordaRoy’s, we could have saved them a lot of trouble.  Nevertheless, here’s a closer look at how a CordaRoy’s compares to the Ultimate Sack.  



CordaRoy’s has always been about comfort and quality, and we promise to never sacrifice one for the other. That’s why all our fabric options (of which we are happy to send you a sample) are tested to the highest standards for durability and texture.  Sure, we could make all our covers out of rugged canvas like Ultimate Sack, but at CordaRoy’s we wanted to offer bean bags in a variety of fabrics that are just as durable but provide a little extra luxe.  We think you’ll agree that nothing feels quite as luxurious as our vegan fur or leather covers.  However, if it’s canvas you want, we’ve got you “covered” there, too.    



Nobody does comfort like CordaRoy’s.  Just ask some of our original owners like we did!  The bean bag loungers we sold fifteen years ago still feel as full and comfortable as the day they first arrived.  That’s because we only use top of the line mattress and furniture grade polyurethane foam to fill our bags.  Our foam is cut into randomized pieces that won’t go flat and never needs “refilling.”  

And although it is impossible to provide a chair or mattress that every person will consider perfectly firm, 98% of the time our customers never need to adjust their chair/bed.  However, on the rare occasion, a customer wants a firmer feel, it’s easy to add.  Our mattresses are equipped with large openings to make foam removal and addition a breeze.  And if you need extra foam fluff, you just have to ask and we will provide some free of charge.  

While Ultimate Sack bean bag chairs does give their customers the option to add additional foam, it comes at a pretty steep price.  At $35-$45 per portion, the cost can add up quickly if you aren’t completely satisfied with the way the product feels upon arrival.    

Ownership and Customer Service


CordaRoy’s was developed in 1998 in Gainesville, Florida, United States and our headquarters are still located in this wonderful college town in the usa.  We’ve been a family-owned and operated business since day one and we pride ourselves in our open communication with our customers.  When you buy a CordaRoy’s, you buy it for life and become part of the CordaRoy’s family.  In fact, we want to hear from you; that’s why you’ll find our phone number on just about everything from our packing materials to our website.  And if you want to see the face and meet our CEO, simply head over to our web page for the story and bio.  

Ultimate Sack is a family-owned and operated business, but we weren’t able to find much information about which family is actually running it.   Additionally, Ultimate Sack offers an online-only business.  CordaRoy’s is available for purchase online and in-person at our showroom and in several furniture galleries, giving consumers the option to “try before you buy.”  



When you checkout the Ultimate sofa Sack it is base-priced about the same as CordaRoy’s, however, you’ll pay a bit extra for any fabric options other than canvas.  Additionally, with a CordaRoy’s, you’re getting a chair or love seat and a mattress.  No other company can offer you the ability to convert a bean bag into a true and comfortable mattress; we know because we own the patent.  We’re sure Ultimate Sack offers a great bean bag, but they don’t make a bean bag that converts to a bed.     

You have a lot of options when searching for bean bags and we believe comfort should be your number one priority when determining which bean bag to buy.  We’re confident you won’t find a bean bag more comfortable and more versatile than a CordaRoy’s.    

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