How to Make Your CordaRoy's Bean Bag Into the Most Comfortable Bed

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Once in a while, a product comes along that not only fills a need but does so with so much style and sensibility you’re left wondering why you yourself couldn’t have thought it up.  This is true for CordaRoy’s high-quality convertible bean bags, which each have a mattress inside.  Back in 1998, our owner saw a need for extra overnight guest bedding that didn’t take up space but would be more comfy than a sofa bed, futon, or blow-up mattress.  A little engineering and a lot of hard work later, the CordaRoy’s bean bag chair/bed was born, and hosting overnight guests has never been the same.  Here’s everything you need to know about owning and using a CordaRoy’s.

The Ultimate Convertible Bean Bag:  CordaRoy’s


  • Types and Styles—CordaRoy’s foam bean bags are available in several sizes so that you can find the perfect size to fit your living room, dorm room, game room, playroom, or anywhere else you need some extra lounging space.  Ascending in size from youth, full size, queen, and king, each bag contains a mattress of the same size (i.e. a king-size bean bag bed contains a king-sized mattress).  These mattresses are filled with a proprietary blend of furniture grade polyurethane foam filling that is similar to memory foam, cut into different shapes and sizes to provide a seating and sleeping experience that is second to none in comfort.  CordaRoy’s also offers the Nest chair, an elegant, more structured bean bag.  The first of its kind, the Nest is a lounger that has a defined bottom seat and back support for those who prefer a style more polished than an ordinary giant bean bag.  The Nest also features a handy handle for dragging the chair to any location you desire, and side pockets for video game devices and remotes which makes it the perfect gaming chair!  

CordaRoy’s are available in a variety of super durable fabric and color options, and all options are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.  From vegan leather to faux fur, plush microsuede, corduroy, and a mix of just about everything in between, you’ll never have to worry about finding the perfect fit for your decorative style. Plus they all feature removable covers that are machine washable so it's really easy to use the zipper and remove the foam mattress. There are also water resistant inner liners that you can purchase for your bean bag chair.

  • What are the benefits of owning a CordaRoy?  The most obvious benefit of owning a CordaRoy is the amazing comfort you’re going to experience from the first time you sit down.  That comfort is guaranteed for life.  No matter what, we want you to be satisfied and completely comfortable, and if you aren’t, we want to make it right.  You’ll also be amazed at how versatile your CordaRoy’s can be.  Not only is it more comfortable than a typical accent chair or loveseat, but you can also literally drag it around to your favorite spot or change the cover for a different look.  Move and change your CordaRoy depending on the season, decorative style, or your mood.  

Obviously, you’re getting a bed with your bean bag.  This opens up a world of possibilities for your space.  You can reclaim your guest room and use that space for something that benefits your family and not just your once a year guests.  You also have an extra bed that you’re able to fold into your chair and stow away when it isn’t in use.  This saves space and saves money on buying a bedroom set that rarely gets used.  CordaRoy’s are perfect for sleepovers too; no more pallets of blankets on the floor.  Sleepover guests get the benefit of an actual mattress.  

  • Fun Facts about CordaRoy’s—The idea behind CordaRoy’s came as many great inventions do; out of necessity.  In need of an additional guest bed one night after a college football game, our owner remembered the inside of his bean bag was square in shape.  While that “prototype” wasn’t the final product, that’s how CordaRoy’s was born.  

CordaRoy’s was featured on Shark Tank and struck a deal with one of the sharks, Lori Greiner.  This helped us get the name and product to a wider audience, and from there sales really took off.  You’d assume this would’ve gone to our heads, but we’re happy to report we’re still the same small business-minded company we started as, but with big business volume.  

CordaRoy’s are also incredibly cost-effective.  The average cost of a CordaRoy’s bean bag that is used for fifteen years is $1.30 a month.  That’s a pretty small investment for the most comfortable chair and bed you’ll ever own.  

How to Use a CordaRoy’s?


Sure you’re going to use your CordaRoy’s like a bean bag chair.  With this much style and comfort, you’re going to want one in every room, and you’ll find no other chair fits in every room quite like a CordaRoy’s.  However, using your CordaRoy’s like a bed can really give you the full range of benefits of owning a piece of our convertible furniture.  Anytime you’re in need of an extra bed, simply pop the mattress out of the bean bag cover and you’re set. And with the ability to stuff it right back into the outer cover, you never have to worry about the storage of an extra mattress or bed, or dedicating an entire room to a standalone bed frame and mattress that rarely gets used.  Your guests will thank you for not forcing them onto an uncomfortable pull out sofa, or worse, a leaky air mattress.  Using CordaRoy's for additional bedding is the space-saving, money-saving, and most comfortable option.  

Four Steps for Making Your CordaRoy’s Into the Most Comfortable Bed

Your CordaRoy’s convertible chair/bed comes vacuum sealed for easy shipping and is a breeze to set up.  Once you’ve carefully removed the pieces from the box, simply cut away the plastic from the mattress and follow these four easy steps.  

  1. Prep:  Remove and “fluff”:  Your CordaRoy’s mattress comes vacuum sealed for efficient shipping purposes.  This means all the air has been sucked out of the packaging so the mattress is as flat as possible upon delivery.  Once you’ve removed the outer vacuum-sealed bag, lay the mattress out flat and give it a few flips, shakes, bounces, and do some fluffing to promote equal distribution of the enclosed polyfoam.  
  2. Distribute: Grab the mattress with both hands and rub the clumps of foam together to activate it and help it spread out and fill with air.  Turn it over and do the same on the other side of the mattress.  
  3. Let it Lay Flat:  Next, leave the mattress lying flat for 24-48 hours so the foam has time to really expand for maximum firmness.  *If you’re short on time, you can try the human rolling pin technique.  Once you unroll your mattress, use your entire body to roll back and forth on top of it several times to activate the foam.  In between rolls, pick the mattress up and flip it over a few times.  
  4. Add favorite pillows and blankets:  If you aren’t using your CordaRoy’s like a bean bag chair right out of the box, it’s time to gather your favorite pillows and blankets and settle in for a great night’s sleep.  If you’ve purchased a liner, you will want to place the liner on first to ensure your mattress is fully protected from moisture and any other hazards.  

Owning a CordaRoy’s is more than just owning a bean bag.  Owning a CordaRoy’s is owning the best bean bag chair and bed imaginable all in one package.  We’re confident you’ll love owning a CordaRoy’s as much as we love making them.  With the versatility of a bed and a mattress in one, you can literally use a CordaRoy’s in any room of your house and for any occasion.  We’re so sure you’ll love it that we guarantee it for life.  When you purchase a CordaRoy’s you’re investing in a lifetime of comfort.  

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