Try Before You Buy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pick a product, and add the item to your cart to try at home.
  • Try for 21 days. Once your items are delivered to your home, your 21-day trial period begins.
  • You can either keep the items, or at the end of your trial period, you can reach out for instructions on returning the item and purchasing a return label through a shipper of your choice.

We offer 1 product to be tried at a time.

At the end of your 21-day period, your payment method will be automatically charged for any items being kept, and your deposit goes towards what you keep! 

Yes, you can absolutely use a discount code with Try Before You Buy. You will have the option to enter in your discount code on the 2nd page of checkout after you’ve entered in your shipping address.

Your trial period starts when the Try Before You Buy item in your order is delivered.

The trial period starts when all of your Try Before You Buy items are delivered and lasts for 21 days. All items must be returned in like-new condition.

There is a refundable deposit due at checkout for any Try Before You Buy items. The deposit is 10% of the item price. If you decide to send back the items during your trial period, the deposit is fully refunded.

This is not a charge on your card but an authorization. An authorization is verification with your card bank that the total amount of the order is available in the event you keep all the items. This is similar to how hotels and ride-share apps place a hold to protect merchants from fraud.

Authorizations are typically labeled as 'pending' or won't have a date associated, indicating that it's only an authorization and not a charge.

Different card providers have a limit for how long an authorization will be valid. If the trial period is longer than the authorization time limit, we will need to refresh the authorization. This involves canceling the existing authorization and replacing it with a new one. This ensures we can process a charge for items kept at the end of your trial. We only hold one authorization at a time, but it may take 1-2 business days for canceled authorizations to disappear from your statement.

To send back an item, visit this page to start a return. If you’re within the trial period, your deposit will be refunded within 72 hours of your return reaching us. 

Yes, our current return policy is that customers pay the shipping cost back using any shipper convenient to you. 

If you returned your items before the end of your trial period, you will not see a refund because you were never charged. The authorization that was placed on your card will be canceled and will disappear in 1-2 business days from your statement.

You can find tracking information for your order in the shipping confirmation email that is sent as soon as your items are fulfilled.