5 Winter Date Ideas: Affordable and Cozy

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Summer months are great for barbecues, pool parties, outdoor concerts, and of course, weddings, but there’s something incredibly romantic about date night during the coldest months of the year.  There’s no lack of snuggling up to conserve body heat, even if you’re indoors where it’s a bit warmer.  Winter dates are some of the best and most memorable, and even though this coming season may look a little different than previous ones, once winter solstice arrives, there is zero reason that winter dates should be any less engaging and enjoyable.  

Whether you’re trying to really knock it out of the park for a first date, or simply running low on ideas for date nights with your partner, we’ve got some great winter date ideas and tips to help you keep the romance on fire this season.  Winter dates should:

  • Be warm.  Even if you plan an outdoor date, you should be mindful of ensuring both parties have the appropriate clothing and supplies to keep warm and comfortable.  A hike on a snowy trail may be just what the Love Doctor ordered for two adventurous people, but planning is key!  As the old adage goes; there’s no such thing as bad weather, just pack clothing.  
  • Be cozy.  We aren’t ourselves and don’t operate our best when we aren’t comfortable.  Staying comfortable on your date is important so you can focus on the other person, learning them, and staying engaged in conversation.  If you’re limited by something like uncomfortable seating or clothing that doesn’t fit properly, your mind will automatically be preoccupied with those things, and not the date itself.  
  • Be affordable.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time.  Two people who are in love (or potentially will be) don’t need extravagance to enjoy each other’s company.  A simple meal, a cup of coffee, ice cream, a walk; when you’re really into someone, expensive dates can sometimes feel overbearing.  
  • Be fun.  We want to experience a part of our lives with this person we’re dating, so we should plan winter dates that are fun and engaging, and don’t leave us wishing we’d just stayed home and scrolled social media!  Be creative and think outside the box; truly anything can be a date if you decide to make it one. 

At CordaRoy’s we know cozy and comfortable; it’s what we do.  We’ve been providing the world’s most comfortable bean bag chairs since 1998.  Our bean bag chairs are the only in the world that convert to flat-lying beds.  Each of our bean bag chairs conceals one of the most comfortable mattresses you’ll ever use.  The cozy and comfy winter date ideas are endless when you have super comfortable seating and portable bedding at your fingertips.  Here are our top 5 winter date ideas that are both affordable and cozy, and will keep you and your date having the time of your lives during even the coldest months.

  1. Movie on location.  Sure, you can have a classic movie night at home which will definitely be enjoyable, but what about taking your tablet somewhere unexpected for a movie date?  With a little gear and some creativity, you could plan a movie under the stars, in a tent, or during the day in a park.  If you’re thinking you’ll need to bring a large bottle or other random object to prop up your tablet for easy viewing, we have a solution.

The PUK multi-functional, multi-device holder is a great tool to carry with you to keep your device safe and your viewing easy.  The PUK is a small, circular disk with three different sized device slots, so it is capable of holding any tablet or smartphone safely and securely in both portrait and landscape position.  The PUK has a super grippy rubberized bottom so no matter where you sit it, it isn’t going anywhere and your device is safe from accidental tumbles.  

The PUK is also small and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry along with you wherever your date takes you.  Outdoor venues, bonus rooms, patios and outdoor seating areas, anywhere you want to take a movie along with you, the PUK can accommodate.  

  1. Outdoor/Indoor Camping.  It isn’t necessary to rent an RV or camper, buy thousands of dollars worth of camping supplies, and hike into a remote location in the woods to get a true camping experience.  Unless you’re working with some bushcrafting skills, it might be best to leave those types of outdoor overnight adventures to the better qualified.  

You can still get a great camping experience (even indoors) by simply setting up your sleeping quarters in an unexpected place, and maybe unplugging from the matrix while you’re at it.  Using a CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag chair is a great way to do this easily and effectively.  You can easily transport your CordaRoy’s chair to any location inside or out and use it for seating before settling down for slumber.  Once it’s time for sleeping, simply set up the CordaRoy’s mattress and settle in for a great night’s sleep.  

Setting up a CordaRoy’s for sleep is super easy.  You can set up a great mattress for sleeping in just four easy steps.   

  • Unzip the outer shell.
  • Pull out the enclosed mattress.
  • Flip the mattress end of end a few times.
  • Add pillows, blankets, and bodies!  

  1. Game NightOne of the best ideas for date nights is good old fashioned game night.  So many new games have arrived on the scene and because we are creatures of digital habit, we may have missed them.  One of the best ways to connect with your date is over conversation and maybe a little competition.  A great way to set up a successful date night is to create a comfortable place to play the game away from distractions like televisions, devices, and other people.  

Using a couple of super comfortable CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag chairs is a great way to set up a relaxed atmosphere that will help you and your date ease into a fun night game play that is fun and memorable.  If you’re afraid a bean bag chair won’t look as impressive as you want, think again.  Our bean bag chairs are available in numerous fabric options from rich vegan leather to super snuggable faux fur.  Our color options are available with just enough pop to make an understated, beautiful addition to any room.  These are a far cry from the pellet-filled bean bag chairs you probably remember from your childhood.  

  1. Remote Date Night; Still Super Cozy.  If you’re still in isolation, or are maybe in the midst of a long distance relationship, remote dating can be an option for you!  You can still have a great remote date that is cozy, comfortable, and engaging.  You just need a few tools to make the remote experience easy.  

What better way to prepare your date for your remote get together than by sending them the gift of a PUK device holder.  By providing them with a PUK device holder, you can guarantee that they’ll give you their full attention when the time for your date rolls around.  Using a PUK device holder means your date won’t have to worry that their device will fall while you’re talking.  It also means if you’re doing something like cooking together (remotely) or perhaps doing a yoga class, you’ll be able to use your hands!  

If you simply plan to have a conversation, sending a PUK can allow your date to wrap up in a warm blanket and get ready to have a long chat.  Regardless of what you decide to do, worrying about camera angles and falling devices won’t be an issue.

  1. Charcuterie for Two.  If you want to create a relaxing dinner date at home, but aren’t exactly great in the kitchen, invite your date to help you create a personalized charcuterie tray.  You can start by having your date select a few ingredients they’d like on the tray, which you can pick up prior to date night.  When date night arrives, create the tray together, open a complimentary wine, and create a comfortable space to sit and snack.  Using a few bean bag chairs can be a great way to create a space that is less formal than dinner at a table and suitable for snacking.  

You won’t have to worry if a dab of hummus or a spill of wine soils your bean bag, either.  You can spot treat any stains with a simple spot cleaner for fabric.  If it really needs a great clean, you can simply toss it in the washer and dryer without worrying about it fading, shrinking, or looking worn; our fabric is super high quality and looks great wash after wash.  

Winter date nights can be fun, exciting, and enjoyable if you plan something unique to do and ensure you and your date are comfortable and warm.  No matter what you decide upon, CordaRoy’s can help you create a memorable winter date night whether you decide to stay in or go somewhere remotely.  Even if you aren’t in the same place, you can still have a great date night with the use of the right products.  




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