5 Year Anniversary Gift: Ideas Your Partner Will Love

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Five years of marriage can go by in a blink.  After your first anniversary, the fifth anniversary is truly the next “big” milestone.  It can feel overwhelming to come up with an anniversary gift for your significant other that will really wow them and let them know just how special they actually are, especially if you’ve exhausted some pretty good ideas for the first four anniversaries you have had!  That can lead you to exploring other ways to provide gifts for your significant others.  This may have led you to some internet searches of traditional anniversary gifts.  You may have been disappointed to discover that the traditional fifth year anniversary gift is “wood” and the modern fifth year anniversary gift is “silverware.”  What a couple of real crowd-pleasers.  

You don’t have to use traditional or modern concepts of what you should give your partner for your anniversary.  We aren’t bound to those kinds of constraints, thankfully.  While you could definitely get creative and try to buy a gift that includes the use of wood or flatware, we think a better option is to give some thought to the milestones in your relationship and use those events as springboards for ideas of better, more engaging gifts.  

One way to give a gift that is easy, thoughtful, and always appreciated, is to give the gift of comfort.  Your significant other will love the gift of comfort because it’s something we are all in search of in practically every aspect of our lives, whether we are at work or at home.  Comfort can come in many forms:  

  • Comfort in clothing.  We can likely all agree nothing feels as great as our favorite jeans or well-loved hoodie.  
  • Comfort in seating and relaxing.  A favorite chair, our own fluffy pillow, our seat on the couch; nothing says comfort better than the places we choose to wind down.
  • Comfort in food.  Sometimes food makes us feel better; it’s why we get to pick the restaurant and cake flavor on our birthdays.  
  • Comfort with other products we use.  Accessories to help make our lives easier provide solution-based comforts that we can use daily. 

No matter how you plan to handle your fifth anniversary, you can’t go wrong when you hone in on comfort as the main gift ingredient.  At CordaRoy’s, we know comfort.  We create uniquely designed products that help you get comfortable fast.  Our products are one of a kind, and make excellent gifts that last for decades.  The gift of a CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag chair or phone accessory will be a gift that shows your partner they matter and that you went outside the box to gift them with something useful and memorable.  

When you’re ready to talk about gift-giving, we’ve got you covered.  Here are our favorite comfort-themed gifts that will make your loved one happier than the day you wed; well, perhaps not that happy, but very gleeful nonetheless.  

Electronic Accessories to Make Life Easier

As if we didn’t already spend a ton of time on our devices, this year has forced us even deeper down the device rabbit hole.  We are spending an astronomical amount of time on our tablets and smartphones out of pure necessity.  Three quarters of what we did in person is now done online, and even when things return to a new normal, many things may now happen digitally that once did not.  As such, it’s important we develop a routine with how we handle business and social events that occur on our devices.  

Perhaps one of the hardest things about working and socializing online is the inability to use your device truly hands free.  Sure, we’ve become masters at propping up our phones against:

  • Coffee cups
  • Water bottles
  • Decorative touches in our home;

but what happens when these brilliant systems fail?  Our devices slip and/or fall, and our friends get a lovely view of either our ceilings, the grain of the table, or worse-the inside of our noses.  There has to be a better way to conduct business and functions without using our hands, and there is.  The PUK device holder is a multi-functional, multi-device holder that allows you to use any device, in any type of case, completely hands free.  The PUK can:

  • Fit any device in any case.  No matter if you’re using an Otterbox or any other kind of heavy, rubberized case, the PUK has three different sized device slots so your device will always fit.
  • Operate in both landscape and portrait mode.  The PUK is unique in that it allows you to use your devices in both landscape and portrait mode while still retaining full screen capabilities (including swipe up).  
  • Allow you to charge your device.  Many device holders require your tablet or phone to be in one single position which may not allow for proper device charging.  The PUK can allow you to charge any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Provide portability.  The PUK is small and lightweight, and easy to move from room to room.  
  • Function as a cupholder.  Turn your PUK cover and the super grippy rubberized bottom functions as a great cupholder, so when your PUK isn’t in use by a device, it still has value on your coffee table.  

The PUK is a great gift for anyone who struggles to keep their device upright and maintain a good position.  Online meetings, facetime calls, web-based classes, cooking tutorials, scrolling music; there’s simply no limit to the things the PUK can do.

Convertible Bean Bag Chairs for the Significant Other Who Has it All

If you’re married to a person who prides themselves on having the latest and greatest of everything, they will absolutely love the latest and greatest in bean bag chair technology.  Didn’t know bean bag chairs had technology?  They absolutely do.  A far cry from the vinyl-covered, pellet filled chairs of our youth, CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag chairs are not only aesthetically beautiful and supremely comfortable, they can also transform into a full bed.

Cordaroy’s convertible bean bag chairs give your significant other a supreme level of comfort and the option of additional bedding if they have a guest or simply want to take a nap! Our users agree, our mattresses are some of the most comfortable available. CordaRoy’s convertible bean bags are:

  • Comfortable. Above all, our bean bags are comfortable. The enclosed mattress is filled with furniture-grade polyurethane foam cut into randomized pieces. This allows the foam to mold around your body like a memory foam pillow.  Our foam doesn’t crush, flatten, and leave you sitting on the ground either. Once you get up from our bean bag chairs, the foam refills with air, and if you need it filled faster, simply give the bag a few good tosses on the floor. This will allow the air to flow more easily into the particles. 
  • Convenient. A CordaRoy’s bean bag chair is the ultimate in convenience. You can bring comfort with you no matter what room you’re using. If you want a more comfortable seat in your bedroom without investing in a space-hogging recliner, a CordaRoy’s makes a great alternative for that perfect reading spot. Most all of our bean bag chairs can be easily dragged from one room to another using the pull handle.
  • Space saving. Everyone wants to have guest bedding for those few nights of the year when we actually have overnight company, but what usually happens? Either we dedicate an entire room of our house to guests who will use it one or two nights out of the year, or if we don’t have a room we blow up an air mattress, notoriously known for leaving guests on the floor by morning. A better option is to use that spare room as something your family can use all year long like an office, game room, or library. When company comes, you can simply unpack the mattress from your CordaRoy’s and set up their bedding. Alternatively, if you don’t have space, a CordaRoy’s is a fantastic option for providing additional bedding for guests without leaving them on an air mattress or a pull-out couch. 
  • Unique. No one else makes a bean bag chair that fully converts to a bed, we know because we hold the patent. As such, the chances of your significant other being surprised by this gift are pretty high! The gift of a CordaRoy’s says you care about your significant others comfort and their taste for all things different and unique. 

Your five year anniversary is a huge accomplishment. You can give your significant other a gift that they will value and treasure for decades to come by simply being thoughtful and focusing on giving the gift of comfort in different and unique ways. You can give your significant other the gift of comfort by giving them a CordaRoy’s product. Our products are comfort based solutions that fit with your lifestyle and help you maintain relaxation with style. Make your five year anniversary one to remember, don’t settle for less than the comfort or functionality of a CordaRoy’s product. 





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