Gifts for a Mom Who Doesn't Want Anything

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She does it all and we don’t really know how.  Running the household, holding down a job, keeping kids not only alive, but thriving, participating in civic and recreational events, nailing the queso for the PTA meeting; there’s really nothing Mom cannot do given a last minute directive and maybe some hot glue.  When Mother’s Day or her birthday rolls around, she swears there isn’t a thing she wants except a handwritten card or a bouquet of cutout flower coupons for free back massages from the five year old.  Obviously, we can do better for a woman who is so self-sacrificing, even though we know she appreciates and cherishes every handmade thing she’s ever been given.

If you’re struggling to find a truly unique and thoughtful gift for Mom, we can help!  CordaRoy’s has been helping provide one of a kind gifts for hard to buy for individuals since 1998.  We center our solution-based gifts around comfort; there’s truly no better way to show someone you care than by gifting them comfort they can enjoy for years to come.  Additionally, our products are 100% unique; you cannot find them anywhere else; we know because we hold the patents for them.  When you shop at CordaRoy’s, you’re also supporting a family owned and operated business located right here in the United States.  We have moms and are moms, so we can vouch for our products’ success rates among mamas!  

This year especially has been difficult as moms everywhere have taken on even more responsibility at home.  Not only have many mothers been forced to continue working from home, they’ve also had an added layer of responsibility; homeschooling their children.  With the holidays rapidly approaching, maybe you want to get your mom or a special mother in your life a gift that shows you care and appreciate all their hard work and sacrifice.  This year has been hard on us all, and one thing we can probably all agree on is that we could use a little extra love and comfort.  If you’re ready to consider some truly amazing gifts for the special mom in your life, read on.

Phone Accessories That Wow Her

Between work, homeschooling, trying to squeeze in virtual wine night with the girls, and numerous calls and cooking tutorials, mom likely uses her electronic devices more than ever.  From helping the kids with their online learning, to conducting conference calls from the bedroom, she’s become an expert at propping that device up ever so cleverly so that she can multitask, because that’s what mamas do.  

Unfortunately, the results of the “prop” technique usually fail.  Propping your device up against something like a bottle, vase, or other object usually results in:

  • Device slips and falls.  Screen cracks and shatters, uncomfortable repositioning during important calls or meetings, giving the entire attendee list a view of her ceiling or floor, awkwardly apologizing for the accident; when the device falls, it’s never a good thing.
  • Frustration.  Whether she’s following a cooking tutorial or taking a web-based fitness class, it can be impossible to use her device hands free without constantly having to pick it up to reposition it and/or pause and restart it.  

There’s a better way to use her device hands free, and it’s called the PUK multi-functional, multi-device holder.  The PUK is a small, circular device that has three different sized device slots.  As such, the PUK is capable of holding any device in any type of case (no matter how thick or rubberized).  The PUK keeps mom’s device safe and upright while she works hands free.  The special mom in your life will love the PUK because it is:

  • Usable with any device.  Whether she needs to use her tablet or her smartphone, the PUK can accommodate.  There’s no device too big or too small for the PUK; trust us-we’ve tried them.
  • Capable of holding the device in portrait or landscape mode.  No matter the device, the PUK can safely hold it in portrait or landscape mode depending on her needs.
  • Capable of charging her device while she’s using it.  Some device holders don’t allow her to charge her device holder while holding the device, and we think that’s pretty lame.  What happens when her device’s batteries go low?  With the PUK, she never has to worry.  If she needs to plug in, it’s easy to do. 
  • Safe for her technology.  The super rubberized bottom provides a super grippy surface that holds tightly to surfaces so no matter if she’s typing away on another device or writing, no amount of shaking will cause the PUK to move from it’s location.
  • Multi-purpose and handy.  When she isn’t using her PUK for device holding purposes, she can flip it over and use it as a beverage coaster.  This means she never has to worry about putting the PUK away or having something laying around that is unsightly.  The PUK is small and aesthetically pleasing.  
  • Extremely helpful; like having a personal assistant.  Meetings, calls, facetime connections, tutorials, scrolling music and books, classes, and the like; there’s always a reason she’ll need to use her device hand’s free and the PUK allows her to do it in the easiest manner possible.

For the mom who says she wants nothing, a PUK is a great gift.  It’s something that will make her life easier and it’s a thoughtful way of giving her a helping hand.  

Beautiful, Comfortable Chairs

If you really want to spoil the special mom in your life, there’s no better way than to give her the gift of a special, uber comfortable seat of her very own.  Sure, she’s got her spot on the couch, but giving the gift of a CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag chair means giving her a seat that is all hers and can be moved wherever she needs (even if she’s hiding out in the laundry room)!  

CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag chairs are available in all her favorite fabrics, like faux fur, velvety soft chenille, and elegant corduroy.  The best part about our chairs is that they all contain a full bed inside.  How many times have you heard Mom worry about not having adequate space or bedding for overnight guests?  This eliminates those issues altogether.  Anytime there is the need for bedding for overnight company, simply pull the mattress out of the bean bag chair and the job is done.  

CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag chairs are:

  • One of a kind.  There’s no other bean bag chair on the market that can completely convert to a bed like ours can.  We don’t stuff our chairs with pellets, we stuff them with mattresses!
  • Comfortable.  Our chairs are the most comfortable available.  Our mattresses are filled with furniture grade polyurethane foam cut into randomized pieces that won’t crush, flatten, and leave mom sitting or laying on the floor.  There’s just something about a CordaRoy’s that makes everyone want to come relax, and if there’s anyone who is in need of relaxation, it's definitely Mom!
  • Durable.  The average lifespan of a CordaRoy’s is fifteen years; which makes this an investment that’s really worth the money.  Our chairs are super easy care also.  So if Mom spills a little wine or hummus on her chair, she can just remove the cover and toss them right in the washer and dryer.  She won’t have to worry about them looking worn or faded either; our fabrics look just as beautiful as the day she received her chair even after numerous washes and countless hours of use.  
  • Easy to use.  When it’s time to have overnight guests, simply unzip the outer shell and pull out the mattress.  Give the mattress a few flips on the floor, cover with blankets and pillows, and mom has guest bedding that will give her peace of mind knowing her guests are super comfortable.
  • Portable.  Mom’s chair can easily be dragged from room to room, so if things get a little dicey and she just needs a moment to collect herself, she can take her favorite chair wherever she wants for a little solitude.  
  • Fashionable.  These aren’t bean bag chairs like the ones we grew up with.  These are bean bag chairs with elegant style.  Our bean bag chairs are beautifully crafted in fabrics that she will love like chenille, faux leather, vegan fur, corduroy and numerous other options so she never has to worry that her chair will be ostentatious in any room.   You’ll be giving her a beautiful option that pairs perfectly in any room of the house. 

Moms are so self-sacrificing it can be hard to figure out a great gift to give her.  A great way to give a unique gift to a special mom in your life is to give her the gift of a one of a kind CordaRoy’s product.  Our products help Mom stay comfortable while she’s using her device or giving herself a much needed and relaxing time out!  You can rest assured Mom will appreciate the gift of a PUK or an awesome convertible bean bag chair and will use either item for years to come.  


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