Movie Night: Ideas for a Comfy Night at Home

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Obviously, we’re all a little more comfortable doing this at home this year.  Meetings, birthday parties, social gatherings, school, and even date nights have all evolved into things we can (and sometimes must) do in our homes.  Movie night is no exception.  Even now that most movie theatres have reopened, you may find you prefer the safety and comfort of movie-going without the going.  Alternatively, if you live in an area where movie theatres are still closed, planning an at-home movie night is a great alternative!  

You don’t have to own a giant projection screen that plays a movie on the exterior of your house for your entire neighborhood’s viewing pleasure to enjoy a great movie night.  You can have a great movie night at home that’s both relaxing and memorable without having to go overboard.  In fact, we find that most people prefer comfort and the laid back, hassle free style of an easygoing movie night at home as opposed to a huge production that involves getting dressed up, spending a lot of money, and leaving the house.  

There are, however, some definite basics you’ll need to perfect your at-home movie night.  You’ll need to first determine a few key things:

  1. The size of your party.  Is your movie night for you and your significant other?  Are you hosting for a few close friends?  Is it a family event?  The number of people you are planning to have will be important in determining how much seating you need, what kinds of snacks and drinks to provide, and above all, what kind of movie you’re featuring.  
  2. The size of your space.  You’ll need to find a space that can comfortably accommodate your party.  If it’s just the two of you, a small space, even a bedroom, will do.  For larger parties, consider living rooms, lofts, large foyers, even a cleaned up garage; anywhere there is a larger space.
  3. Time.  Plan too early in the afternoon and you’ll end up showing a movie on a screen that is hard to see.  Plan too late and anyone who’s not a late nighter might get tired; including children. 
  4. Food and drinks.  Consider your guests; are they kiddos or a more 21 and up crowd?  You can definitely plan your snacks around the movie you’re watching, too.  If it’s Halloween themed, there’s about a million Pinterest boards filled with spooky styled snacks and blood-colored Dracula drinks.  If you’re planning a romcom with your significant other, maybe wine and a charcuterie tray is the best option.  
  5. Comfort.  Above all, you want yourself and your guests to be comfortable.  If no one is comfortable, the entire movie will seem like watching Gone With the Wind.  

At CordaRoy’s, we know comfort, and we can help you create a comfortable space that is perfect for an at home movie night.  No matter what size area you have, or how many guests, CordaRoy’s has the perfect solution for comfortable, relaxing seating for all.  

The Perfect Movie Night Bean Bag Chairs

If the thought of bean bag chairs makes you cringe, we understand.  We remember the tiny, pellet-filled chairs we grew up with.  They weren’t comfortable, always left you sitting on the hard floor, caused your skin to sweat against the vinyl covers, and definitely weren’t meant for snuggling during a horror flick.  They were, in a word, gross.  

Bean bag chairs have done some growing up and we think you’ll be surprised by how comfortable, elegant, and functional they are, especially when you purchase a CordaRoy’s.  Our bean bag chairs are:

  • Pellet free.  Our bean bag chairs don’t contain pellets.  We use furniture grade polyurethane foam which has been cut into randomized pieces to fill our chairs.  This foam feels and acts like memory foam, cushioning your body and enveloping it in warm, yet very breathable goodness; kind of like a big hug.  Our foam doesn’t crush or flatten.  When you get up, the foam regains air and fluffs back into shape.  If you want the job done faster, simply give the bag a shake to help the air circulate more quickly into the foam pieces.
  • Multi-sized.  We make our bean bag chairs in numerous sizes, so no matter who’s coming over, you can guarantee their comfort.  Our bags start at youth sized, and are perfect for individual kids.  Our full bags are great for kids, teens, and single adult users.  The queen size can fit multiple kids and/or teens, or one uber comfortable adult.  The king size bean bag chair can fit a virtual gaggle of kids, or two adults who prefer to snuggle while they watch their movie.  
  • Good looking.  That’s right, we said it; our bean bags are good looking.  We think you’ll agree.  Available in numerous fabric options and colors, you can add texture and color to any space in a way that is noticeable or understated; the choice is yours.  From luxurious faux fur to rich, supple vegan leather, the style and color combinations are endless.  
  • Convertible.  Surprise!  Every CordaRoy’s comes complete with an actual bed inside.  Our bean bags are stuffed with a mattress containing polyurethane foam.  The possibilities are endless when you have additional bedding.  The mattress size is determined by the chair size; full size mattresses are contained in full size bean bag chairs, queen size mattresses are contained in queen size bean bag chairs, and so on. 

While we know you can simply sit on the couch, we think movie night done right has a little added special flare.  A warm and comfortable bean bag chair is the perfect way to stay happy and comfortable throughout an entire movie.  And with a CordaRoy’s, if you get tired, or the kiddos start passing out, you could simply empty the contents of the bean bag chair and turn it into a mattress.  Let the littles fall asleep while the grown ups finish the movie.  

Special Ideas for Bean Bag Chair Movie Nights

Sure you can watch a movie in the bean bag chair in the den or the game room, but why not take it outside on the patio and watch a movie under the stars?  You can pull your bean bag right outside and if it takes in a little dirt, simply remove the cover and toss it in the wash the next day.  All CordaRoy’s covers are machine washable and dryable.  

Another great idea is to go “trampoline camping.”  Using the mattress from inside your CordaRoy’s, get the family excited about backyard camping by placing it on top of the trampoline or inside a tent.  You can bring the tablet or projector along with you and have a movie and camping night you won’t soon forget.  

If you’ve got some space in your garage and plan to have a larger crowd, a couple of bean bag chairs tossed in the middle make a great place to watch a movie either on a flat screen or via projector.  Your guests will love the convenience and laid back style of the bean bag chairs and you’ll love the lowkey hospitality aspect of getting the gang together in the garage instead of your house!  Bring out a cooler and a tub full of snacks or treats and you’ve got a party.  

Movie Night Clean Up

No one really enjoys cleaning up after a party, even if the party is just a movie night for two or a few friends.  Luckily, using a CordaRoy’s provides easy clean up.  If the bean bag chair has gotten some spills or food stains, you can spot treat them with a fabric safe spot cleaner.  If the chair was used on the patio or just took on more dirt and grime than you expected, simply unzip the cover and toss it in the washer and dryer.  

You won’t need to worry about cleaning your mattress.  Like any other mattress, you can’t machine wash it; it won’t fit in your washer.  It’s important to keep the foam pieces inside the mattress dry so they maintain their integrity.  You can do a better job ensuring they stay dry and your mattress lasts even longer than normal by using a mattress cover, available through CordaRoy’s.  

If you feel your mattress is in need of cleaning, you really only need to fluff it up and give it a few good flips.  This is enough to move around the foam pieces and allow air to flow in and out of the mattress, which should remove any odors and help freshen it overall.

Movie night can be a major event or something lowkey, but above all it just needs to be comfortable and fun.  Using great, comfortable bean bag chairs that can turn into beds is a great way to ensure you have plenty of space for everyone to pile up and settle in to watch a flick.  Choosing a CordaRoy’s for your movie night can make an average movie night an awesome movie night that everyone will remember and want to do again and again.   


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