2 Essential Phone Accessories You Need Right Now

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The change in temps can only mean one thing; fall is upon us and before you know it the holiday hustle and bustle will be in full swing.  Don’t think this year will be any different just because we’ve been crammed inside.  In fact, retailers will likely be pulling out all the stops to make up for the decline they’ve seen in sales this year.  This means you’ll be seeing the “Christmas Creep” come even quicker this year.  

For the tech savvy, and for the tech not-so-savvy who must purchase gifts for the tech savvy, there’s no better time to dive in and see what’s new in the world of accessories for your favorite gadgets and devices.  In fact, phone accessories can be a great gift for yourself, your loved ones, and great little additions to stockings.  Phone accessories are great ideas for:

  • Teachers and staff.  Educators love your kids and their awesome artwork...probably just not as much as you do.  A great teacher gift is one he can use for himself, and we don’t know of a single teacher who doesn’t own a cell phone.  The gift of a handy accessory to use alongside his device will be one that is appreciated (almost as much as your budding Picasso’s artwork).
  • Family members.  No matter how elaborate you plan to go with gift-giving, a phone accessory is always a nice, thoughtful touch either alone or when added to a gift.  If you’re going to be spending the holidays with family you haven’t seen in a long time and aren’t sure what to get them, a phone accessory is a safe and always enjoyed gift.  
  • Co-workers and bosses.  What better way to say “thanks for putting up with me” than a clever phone accessory?  Your coworkers love their annual homemade cookie plate, but with so many dietary restrictions floating around it’s a much safer bet that a phone accessory won’t get round-filed.  
  • Neighbors.  Looking for a little something to drop by the neighbor’s house to say Happy Holidays?  How about a phone accessory?  The gift of something useful is always a win, and generally more well received than the standard fruitcake.  

You might not think CordaRoy’s has you covered for phone accessories, but you’d be wrong.  Not only do we carry an exclusive phone accessory that’s 100% unique and unavailable anywhere else, we also carry some larger, more comfortable phone accompaniments that would be perfect for even the hardest to please person on your list.  You know that CordaRoy’s sells comfort and delivers solution based products that you’ll wonder how you lived without, so you can be sure that whatever you purchase from us will be:

  • Unique.  We don’t sell things other companies do.  Absolutely every single one of our products is unique and exclusive to us; in fact, we hold the patents. 
  • High-quality.  Our products are made from materials that are virtually indestructible.  The average life span of one of our bean bag chairs is fifteen years; impressive considering they quickly become the most coveted and comfortable seat in the house and generally see a lot of use.
  • Guaranteed.  If you don’t like our products or aren’t satisfied, you can absolutely return them, no questions asked.  

Let’s take a look at some of the most essential phone accessories you should be using right now. 

Multi-Functional Device Holder

We’ve learned this year how to breathe through a mask while performing every activity and how to make every possible in-person meeting online instead.  From birthday parties, work functions, social outings, and even concerts, everything we’ve done has been in an online format. This has meant finding creative ways to dedicate space in our homes as “sacred” so we can conduct business there, without showing the rest of the world how we really live!  Additionally, it’s been a challenge to position our devices so that we can still participate in online meetings and events and still have the use of our hands.  

What usually happens?  We prop our phones or tablets up awkwardly against a bottle or other object and essentially wait for them to slip and fall, giving our meeting attendees a glimpse at our ceiling fans or worse, our nostrils.  There’s got to be a better way, at least that’s what we thought. 

There is a better way to go hands free with your device while still maintaining camera focus; it’s called the PUK, and it’s a Cordaroy’s exclusive.  The PUK is the only multi-functional, multi-device holder that can hold any phone or tablet safely and securely without bulkiness or difficult to use clamp-type holders that could be potentially damaging to your device.  

The PUK features three separate sized device slots so no matter what device you use and what case you have, it will definitely fit in the PUK.  The PUK can hold your device upright in landscape or portrait mode, and can even be used while you’re charging your device; unlike many device holders which don’t allow for you to charge while using.  

We don’t want to sound like an infomercial but...Wait! There’s more!  The PUK is also a cupholder when not in use by your device!  This means you won’t have to stuff it away in a drawer when it isn’t in use.  The PUK is:

  • Convenient.  PUKs are small enough to fit in a coat pocket but large enough to keep your devices held upright in a safe manner.  They weigh a couple of ounces, if that, so you can easily carry them from one room to another without a hassle.  
  • Multi-functional.  You can use a PUK to hold your device while you take a Zoom call, attend a ladies’ night in, follow along to a cooking tutorial, play an instrument to scrolling music, take an online yoga class, or do your school work.  There’s no limit to the uses you will find for your PUK.
  • One of a kind.  Other device holders pale in comparison; they’re bulky, don’t allow you to charge your device while in use, and don’t hold your phone up properly.  

There’s really no comparison to a PUK device holder.  It’s a gift that you’re recipient will use for years to come.  

Nest Phone Holder Chairs

Looking for a gift that’s a little bigger than the PUK?  We’ve got you covered.  Our Nest chairs are the perfect, comfortable seat for the phone lover in your life.  Not only are the Nest chairs our first convertible bean bag chairs with a dedicated back and bottom, they also have a convenient side pocket that can hold their phone safely and securely while they relax.  The Nest is a great gift idea for anyone who spends time on their devices talking, texting, or influencing others on social media.  The best part of the Nest chair is the convenience of concealing additional bedding inside.  

A great gift for a high school graduate off to college or anyone who could benefit from the comfort and convenience of a chair that boasts an entire bed inside, the Nest chair conveniently opens to reveal a concealed mattress that folds out for a great night of sleep.  In fact, our users report some of their best nights of sleep happen while on a CordaRoy’s mattress.  Our mattresses are filled with randomly cut pieces of furniture grade polyurethane foam, so the feel is like using a memory foam pillow, even when you sit. 

Your favorite phone lover will appreciate the comfort and beauty of the Nest chair and the convenience of the phone pocket so they’ll never lose their favorite device.  If you’re buying the Nest for a person in your household, you’ll also benefit from the available additional bedding.  The Nest is available in full, queen, and king sizes, based on the size of mattress enclosed.  This means you could buy a Nest chair for your daughter and provide king size bedding for her grandparents when they come to visit; a total win/win.  

Caring for Phone Accessories

We put our phones through some serious torture, which is why many of us opt for super thick, rubberized phone cases.  If you’re afraid that a phone accessory won’t be able to keep up with you, have no fear.  CordaRoy’s designs products for life.  Our PUK multi-device holders are incredibly durable and virtually indestructible, even with your kids.  We know because we have kids, too. 

Our convertible bean bag chairs are just as durable and high quality, too.  Made with fabrics that are completely easy care and able to be placed in your washer and dryer, our products are built to last.  You’ll never have to worry about rips, tears, or wearing out with a CordaRoy, no matter how much use your chair sees.  

As you prepare for the holiday season and make your list of people who get gifts from you, be sure to consider phone accessories as an option for people who you don’t know very well, or people who seem to need nothing at all.  Everyone can benefit from a great phone accessory and will use them for years to come.  




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