Gaming Bean Bag Chair: Change How You Game

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For some of us, the first video games we ever experienced were Duck Hunt and Super Mario Brothers.  We can still remember countless hours trying to get the princess from the castle and protect her from Bowser.  We can feel the adrenaline coursing through our veins as we discovered (probably from a friend) how to warp from one world to a much higher one. When we got overly frustrated, a parent usually stepped in and convinced us it would be a good time to give Duck Hunt a try...which lasted about five minutes until we were convinced if we tried just one more time, we’d be able to beat it.  When we didn’t, we’d leave the game hooked up so we could pick back up tomorrow, and give our “dumb thumbs” (thumbs that had gone numb from video game controller action) a rest.  

We likely did this all in a glorious, brightly colored, vinyl covered bean bag chair.  

The bean bag chairs of the 90’s were basically standard issue for any kid’s room.  Filled with highly crushable polystyrene pellets, these gems made our legs and back sweat and retained the scent of every Hot Pocket and pizza roll consumed while seated in it.  It was glorious.  Even though we tried to move the pellets around, we always ended up with our bottoms solidly planted on the floor.  The shell wasn’t much better; after a few weeks of use the vinyl covering began to rip, crack, and shed off.  

Eventually, these types of bean bag chairs made headlines for all the wrong reasons, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled them, and it seemed like bean bag chairs were a thing of the past. We were left with uncomfortable “rocker” style gaming chairs that sat directly on the floor and were hard to sit in for more than an hour at a time.  

Of course, that’s not the end of the story.  As video gaming evolved, the indestructible bean bag chair evolved, too.  The bean bag chairs we see today are a far cry from their ancestors.  These chairs are bigger, more comfortable, completely childproof and safe, and so aesthetically pleasing your mom might not relegate it to the basement.  If you’re looking for a gaming chair that can keep you comfortable for hours and look great, we’ve got options.  CordaRoy’s has been in the bean bag chair game since 1998.  Our chairs are:

  • High-quality.  Our fabric covers and lush foam interiors are made from furniture grade materials that don’t crush, flatten, or change dramatically over time.
  • Comfortable.  We manufacture comfort.  We guarantee your bean bag chair will be the most comfortable seat in the house and keep you happy while you spend hours on that new PS5.
  • Beautiful.  You may not expect beauty in a gaming chair; the ones of yesteryear were pretty garish, and the gaming chairs of today can look a little like a computer desk chair on steroids. Our bean bag chairs are aesthetically pleasing, understated, and complimentary to your home’s or room’s decor.  
  • Multi-functional.  Every CordaRoy’s bean bag has a secret; there’s an entire bed inside!  Our bean bag chairs aren’t filled with polystyrene pellets, they’re filled with an actual mattress that can be used for additional bedding.  If your kid and his buddy have been gaming all day and the friend decides to spend the night, simply pull the mattress from the outer shell and you’ve got a great place for him to crash.  

Our chairs are the perfect solution for complete gaming comfort without being ostentatious.  Here’s why we think our chairs are the absolute best option for gaming, and how you can change how you game for the better. 


You can easily spend upwards of $300 on a gaming chair that ultimately looks like a glorified computer desk chair.  We wondered how much quality is actually going into these chairs.  Most of them aren’t even crafted with fabric that’s high-quality.  

CordaRoy’s demands the very best from our fabrics and materials.  Our fabrics are incredibly durable, won’t rip or tear after they’ve been sat in for a few months (or years) and are incredibly easy to clean.  Our bean bag chair covers go directly into the washer and dryer so you can wash out burrito stains and whatever else makes its way to the fabric of the chair.

The insides of a CordaRoy’s bean bag chair are superior to any gaming chair available on the market today.  We don’t use polystyrene pellets to fill our bean bags, or any kind of small, crushable material.  We use furniture-grade polyurethane foam cut into random shaped pieces that are long lasting and superior in comfort.  


There’s no comparison to a CordaRoy’s in terms of comfort.  Whether you plan to use your gaming chair occasionally or for countless hours on end, you’ll never feel as comfortable as you do when you use a CordaRoy’s gaming bean bag chair.  Our polyurethane fill never crushes, but envelopes your body in cushiony comfort like a memory foam pillow.  When you get up, the foam fills back into place.  

We offer many different fabric cover options for our bean bag chairs, including vegan leather and faux fur.  Our vegan leather is superior for a gaming bean bag chair than real leather because it allows for air floor, which keeps you cool and eliminates the possibility of sweating and sticking to the fabric while you game.  Additionally, all of our fabric covers, including the vegan leather, can be machine washed and dried.  


Maybe you aren’t necessarily concerned with aesthetics, but if you’re a parent shopping for the perfect gaming bean bag chair for your kid, you’d probably love an option that didn’t look like it would take up half the space in their bedroom.  Our chairs are available in multiple sizes so you can get a perfect fit for any amount of floor space.  

Our bean bag chairs are also beautiful in design.  Our fabrics are rich in texture and available in numerous colors that compliment any room instead of overpowering it.  Our bean bag chairs fit perfectly in a game room, bedroom, living room, or anywhere else you want to game or just need an additional, luxurious seating option. 


The real value in a CordaRoy’s isn’t just the extreme level of comfortability you’ll experience each and every time you sit down; it’s the hidden treasure inside.  Our gaming bean bag chairs each contain a bed.  A CordaRoy’s mattress is one of the most comfortable you’ll ever use.  Our users agree-just read the reviews!  Each bean bag chair is available with mattress sizes from youth (approximately the size of a twin mattress but different in shape) all the way through king.  This means you can have a larger than live gaming bean bag chair that doubles as king sized guest bedding when you have overnight guests. 

Converting a CordaRoy’s from a bean bag chair to a mattress is super easy, too.  Simply unzip the outer shell of the bean bag, and unstuff the enclosed mattress.  Give the mattress a few good flips and place it where you plan for your guests to sleep.  Add pillows and blankets, and viola!  You’ve got a great place for guest bedding that doesn’t take up an entire room when they aren’t there.  This is a great solution not only for small spaces, but for reclaiming rooms in your house that have previously been devoted solely to overnight company that might use the room one or two nights out of the year.  

In fact, why not reclaim that guest room as something your entire family would like; perhaps a media or gaming room? 

Caring for a Gaming Bean Bag Chair

Caring for a CordaRoy’s is super easy.  Because our fabric is breathable and not filled with odor-retaining pellets, it doesn’t retain odors or end up “funky.”  If you spill something on your bean bag chair, you can use a spot stain remover to gently lift the stain.  If your bean bag chair becomes more heavily soiled, you can simply unzip the outer cover and toss it in the machine washer and dryer.  You won’t have to worry about fading or shrinking; our fabrics are top quality and made to last.  In fact, the average lifespan of a CordaRoy’s gaming bean bag chair is fifteen years.  That’s a far cry from most other gaming chairs available on the market today.  

If you’re ready to seriously take your gaming to the next level, there’s no better way than using a CordaRoy’s.  Unlike any other gaming chair available, our gaming bean bag chairs feature an entire bed inside, so if day turns into night while gaming a little faster than you expected, you can simply pull the mattress out and keep going.  Our gaming bean bag chairs are visually appealing and a great addition to any gaming room or bedroom.  You’ll also love the ease of care with a CordaRoy’s; our fabric is machine washable and dryable, so you can keep your gaming chair as clean as the day you got it.  


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