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Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

Written by Adrian Perez — April 09, 2020

Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s you most likely had a bean bag chair in your room. This vinyl-covered, pellet-filled beauty was your favorite spot, and you (and your friends) spent hours in it honing your video gaming skills and talking to your friends on the landline. But although your beloved kids bean bag chair saw you through some of the best times of your childhood and adolescence, they were fraught with problems. Bean bag chairs from “back in the day” were not always manufactured safely for young children. As such, kids began getting into the outer shell of the bean bag, becoming trapped inside, ingesting polystyrene beads , and the like. Very quickly, bean bag chairs were disappearing from kid’s rooms and playrooms across the world. Beyond the safety issue, bean bag chairs didn’t maintain their comfort like they did the first week we had them. After a week or two, those pellets flattened out and left our bottoms on the cold, hard floor. No matter how many times we shook and readjusted, they never felt “new” again. It truly seemed like the bean bag chair was doomed unless serious reforms were made. Thankfully, they were, and bean bag chairs for kids today are not only safe for them but provide some of the most kid-friendly and comfortable ways to decorate their space with kids furniture. Here are five ways you can use bean chairs for the kids in your life.

Use Bean Bag Chairs for Comfortable Kid Bedroom Seating


Kids love having their own space, and having the ability to make it their own. Unfortunately, that sometimes means that parental decorative styles clash with what kids consider a fun room. Car shaped beds and lip shaped chairs don’t exactly flow with the style of the house, right? Thankfully, a bean bag chair is something both a parent and child can agree upon. Now more than ever you can find youth sized bean bag chairs in a plethora of sizes, materials, and colors that kids will love and parents are sure to approve. Long gone are the vinyl covered eyesores we remember. They’ve been replaced by bean bag chairs covered in upholstery including: faux fur, microfiber, beautiful vegan leather, microsuede, denim, velvety soft velour, and chenille. The availability of youth size bean bag chairs, like the ones available from CordaRoy’s, make it easy to fit stylish, comfortable seating in a child’s bedroom that they will love for the comfort and you’ll love for the understated decorative style. Measuring less than forty inches square, this bean bag chair is the perfect accent for smaller, extra bedrooms. Your kids will love the fun, comfortable, feel of the bean bag chair, and the fact they can move it around their room to plop down wherever they want. You’ll love the durability, that they are washable (the covers can be removed and tossed in the washer and dryer for cleaning) and safety. And unlike Styrofoam pellet filled bean bag chairs, polyfoam filled bean bag chairs won’t ever go flat and leave you sitting on the floor.

Use Bean Bag Chairs for Sleepovers


You remember the sleepovers of your youth. Five kids crammed in a tiny bedroom sharing a “pallet” on the floor which was nothing more than one or two thin blankets on top of the carpet. It was a novel idea until it was actually time to go to sleep. Sleeping on the floor isn’t ideal, even for kids, and the pallet pretty much equated to no one getting any sleep at all. Not to mention it required the use of every spare blanket and sheet set in the house. Oh the laundry! A great option for your children’s overnight guests is convertible zipper bean bag chairs, like the ones available from CordaRoy’s. These types of best seller bean bag chairs and beanbag sofas are filled with a plush, polyfoam filled youth sized mattress instead of Styrofoam pellets. When the bean bag is zipped up, it functions like a comfy, cushy chair your kids and their friends will love to sit and play video games on. When it’s time for bed, simply unzip the outer shell and pop out the mattress. It’s ready to sleep then and there. It’s so simple to unstuff the mattress and place it back inside that the kids can do it themselves. No parental pallet set up necessary! Fair warning: the use of these convertible bean bag chairs could make you the favorite house on the block!

Create Kid Space in the Living Room


Dad has his recliner, and mom loves the sofa, so sometimes kids get stuck on the floor or try to sit comfortably in a decorative accent lounge chair. A youth size bean bag chair is the perfect solution for little ones who want their own space in the family room or media room. The best part of a bean bag chair for kids in the family room is that it is easily stowed if there’s no space for it to have a more permanent home. When it isn’t in use, simply toss it in another room or into the bottom of a closet until next time. It’s also a great option if you’ve already got ample seating for your family but are limited on seats if there are guests. Simply pull out a bean bag lounger for the extra little guests you are entertaining. Your kids and their guests will love the comfort and inclusivity of having their own special seating options in the family room, and you’ll love being able to keep the family room or game room spacious and clean; it’s definitely a win-win!

Use Bean Bag Chairs for Kids with Special Needs


Not only are bean bag chairs for kids fun and inviting, they also are extremely effective in helping children with special needs. The more we learn about sensory processing disorders, the more we understand how important it is for kids with these disorders to receive “deep pressure input.” Deep pressure input refers to a tactile (touch) sensory input wherein a child receives touch in the form of firm holding, stroking, squeezing, cuddling, etc. This type of sensory input releases the chemicals dopamine and serotonin in the brain that relax a child with sensory issues and helps calm them and refocus without medication. The sensation of being enveloped in a foam-filled bean bag chair provides this type of deep pressure input, and, as such, is very popular for children with sensory disorders or kids that simply have trouble focusing on everyday tasks like reading a book or watching a movie. This can be a life-giving solution for families distraught over a child who just can’t seem to sit still or becomes emotionally unsettled from time to time and has difficulty settling down.

Use Convertible Bean Bag Chairs for Kids When You Travel


It’s every kid’s nightmare-a trip to Grandma’s house and the inevitability of sleeping on the floral sofa, or a family vacation spent sleeping or lounging on a cot in a hotel room. You can eliminate the nightmare (and stop the incessant whining) dead in its tracks by packing the best bean bag chair that is youth size and convertible with you when you travel. When you arrive at your destination, your kid has their very own seat and bed to set up wherever there is space; a bed they’ll actually want to sleep in. Bringing along your child’s bed also provides a sense of security to your child when you travel or visit new places, which can be especially reassuring to some children.

A convertible bean bag chair is also a great option for camping trips, RV excursions, small vacation rentals-anywhere you might find a hard time locating an extra bed for your kiddo. Simply pack up a youth size convertible bean bag chair like the ones available from CordaRoy’s and hit the road. The small size of the chair makes them easy to carry along anywhere you travel, and the availability of a mattress inside means you never have to worry about extra bedding for the kids ever again.

Completely different animals than the bean bag chairs with which we grew up, bean bag chairs for kids today are stylish, comfortable, durable and available in a variety of sizes and colors. Using a bean bag chair for kids in a bedroom can help create a space both parents and kids love. Available in muted, understated and bold and vivacious colors, it’s easy to agree on something that is both functional and attractive in a child’s room. Using bean bag chairs for children’s seating in the family room helps kids feel they have their own special seat while retaining the space and integrity of the family room.You could also join them in a cuddle to show them that they are loved and special. Bean bag chairs for kids are also great options for traveling as they can be used in place of a sleeping bag for additional bedding at your destination. No matter your reason for using a bean bag chair in your child’s life, you’re sure to find it a wonderful addition. Kids love the foldable, stuff-able, squeezable feel of bean bags. Having a bean bag chair in a child’s room means they’ll spend more time doing things like reading, working on puzzles, or other seated activities. Parents will love the versatility of bean bag chairs for kids in every aspect of their lives.