5 Best Bean Bag Chair Covers That You’ll Love

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Remember playing countless hours of Nintendo on your favorite bean bag chair?  That chair was special.  It smelled special too.  You can’t expect a vinyl-covered, polystyrene pellet-filled chair to withstand the amount of almost-to-level-ten stress sweat without developing a little funk.  Regardless the smell, or the numerous cracks in the cover, that chair was a true favorite, and we remember it fondly.  

We’re just a little bit older now, and maybe you’ve considered gifting your own children with bean bag chairs of their own.  Unfortunately, those pellet-filled sacks had some bad press, and aren’t considered safe for kids any longer.  Additionally, you know they were never very comfortable; the pellets flattened out almost immediately after use, and ended up popping out of the side at some point.  

Never fear; you can still give your kids the right of passage of owning a bean bag chair, and take one for yourself too, by owning a convertible chair with interchangeable covers.  Bean bag chairs have grown up with us, and you’ll love the functionality and convenience that CordaRoy’s brings with our unique bed-in-a-bag type style.  We provide bean bag chairs that are 100% unique because they’re the only bean bags that contain an actual bed inside.  Each chair has a super comfortable, memory foam filled mattress inside that can be taken out and used for additional bedding whenever it is needed.  

CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag chairs are:

  • Unique.  You won’t find another chair like ours; we know because we own the patent.  Only a CordaRoy’s converts from a bean bag chair to a bed.
  • Comfortable.  We know comfort, and our bean big chairs are the most comfortable available.  We use only furniture grade polyurethane foam in the interior of our chairs which means whether you’re seated or sleeping on the enclosed mattress, you’ll always be embraced in extreme comfort from every side.  
  • Attractive.  Because we grew up, we had to consider aesthetics.  Our bean bag chairs can hold their own in a man cave or in a formal living room.  They’re completely versatile and great for any space.
  • Functions as both seating and additional bedding.  Your CordaRoy’s bean bag chair is arguably the most comfortable seat in the house, and it easily converts to the most comfortable bed.  
  • Changeable.  You can change the cover of your bean bag chair to meet your stylistic needs, decorative flare, or the season.  We have over twenty different colors to choose from and numerous different fabrics so you’ll never get bored with your bag.  
  • Space conscious.  Having a CordaRoy’s means you don’t have to dedicate an entire room for additional bedding.  You can use your bed when you have guests and then stow it away inside the bean bag when not in use.  Think of things you could do with your guest room when it’s not inhabited by a large bed!

If you’re looking for the best way to add comfortable seating and provide additional bedding for your overnight guests, you’ve come to the right place.  If you think you’ll have to settle on a boring bean bag cover, or worse-a vinyl covered nightmare-think again.  Here are 5 best bean bag covers that you will absolutely love.  

  1. Faux Fur.  If you’re looking for the absolute softest seat around, you need a faux fur bean bag chair cover.  Just looking at it demands you come and touch it.  Faux fur is the softest cover available and probably the best for snuggling.  As with all CordaRoy’s products, the fur covering is completely cruelty free.  Although it may feel like you’re sitting on a fluffy alpaca, we assure you this chair won’t spit, kick, or require a groomer.  It will not shed or fade, and still looks great after it’s been tossed in the washer.  

Faux fur covers are available in five different colors, so it’s easy to add them to any chair in any room.  If you think faux fur may look a bit gaudy, think again.  Our faux fur is elegantly understated and looks great with practically any home decor design.

  1. The Look of Leather.  Nothing says man cave better than leather, and our faux leather bean bag chair covers give you the look and feel of real cowhide without harming the cow.  Authentic leather is hot; the material doesn’t allow for air flow, which is important for chairs, like ours, that envelope your body when you sit.  We tested (and rejected) a lot of vegan leather samples before we found one that was just right.  Our vegan leather is cool to the touch, feels smooth and supple, and can even be placed in the washer and dryer.  

CordaRoy’s vegan leather bean bag chair covers are available in four colors, so there’s no limit to the amount of style you can add to your space.  

  1. ChenilleChenille fabric gives faux fur a run for the money in terms of softness and “come hither” appeal.  Made from a particular type of yarn, Chenille is known for being buttery soft and giving a pop of added texture to any space.  If your room is in need of something extra, a chenille bean bag cover could be the only thing you need.  Swap out your smooth cover for chenille to experience more depth in the room than before.  

Our velvety soft chenille is available in five colors that are perfect base tones for any room.  Using a more muted tone for a cover that has more texture is a great way to add style to a room without overpowering it.  

  1. Corduroy.  It’s the fabric that started it all.  Our signature corduroy fabric is the flagship fabric of our one-of-a-kind convertible bean bag chairs.  The ultimate in soft, textured, touchable comfort, corduroy is both comfortable and stylish, and gets softer and softer over time.  Inspired by a favorite jacket that belonged to our founder, our corduroy fabric is durable, low maintenance, and available in numerous colors to meet your stylistic desires.  

Corduroy fabric is denoted by a pattern of lines or “cords” across the fabric, that make the fabric particularly desirable to the touch.  Between the cords are channels that sometimes go directly to the bottom of the fabric.  

Corduroy is also a beloved fabric of kids; a corduroy bean bag chair cover in your child’s room will be a spot where she loves to read, talk on the phone, or take a quick nap (unless she wants to go ahead and pull out the enclosed mattress and really take a snooze).  

  1. Micro-fur.  Bringing you the soft touchability and snuggable goodness of faux fur with a smoother texture akin to suede, micro-fur is a super durable fabric that makes a great cover.  For those who want a smooth-looking texture while retaining superior softness that you’d find in a warm blanket, micro-fur is the way to go.  It’s been said of our micro-fur that it feels just like a teddy bear, and we couldn’t agree more.  

Loved by both children and adults, there’s really no room that wouldn’t be well-served by a micro-fur covered bean bag chair.  

How to Care for Bean Bag Chair Covers

Thinking back to those vinyl covered beauties we had back in the day, we don’t really remember if we ever cleaned them.  Thankfully, these bean bag chair covers are not only super comfortable, incredibly stylish, and crazy durable, they’re also the ultimate in easy care fabrics.  All of our favorite bean bag chair covers can be spot cleaned with an appropriate furniture-grade spot cleaner and cloth.  For larger messes, or if you just want to freshen up the cover, simply unzip it and toss it in your machine washer.  

You might think you need to hang it to dry, but lucky you, it goes directly from the washer to the dryer.  You won’t need to worry about it shrinking or fading; our fabric is high-quality and resists shrinking, fading, or wearing out in the wash.  In fact, the average lifespan of a CordaRoy’s is fifteen years.  That’s a considerable length of time considering your up-front investment is so low.  

Like every other mattress on the market, the mattress inside of a CordaRoy’s is not machine washable; it’s simply too big.  Additionally, you really want to try to keep the foam inside the mattress as dry as possible.  To clean or care for your mattress, you really won’t need to do much.  Especially if you’ve purchased a mattress cover (which is removable and washable), the mattress itself stays relatively clean.  If needed you can spot treat the mattress casing, and flip it over a few times to fluff it and air it out.  

If you already own a CordaRoy’s and are looking for bean bag chair covers that you’ll love as much as the original one you purchased, we’ve got a bunch of options for you.  If you change your style, a CordaRoy’s can change right along with it.  You never need to consider whether or not your bean bag chair will fit with your new decor; there’s always a new cover that will accomodate any new design.  





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