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Benefits of Bean Bag Furniture

Written by Eddie Toy — September 14, 2021

Benefits of Bean Bag Furniture

Whether you’re outfitting a brand new apartment alone or upgrading your current home, shopping for furniture can be stressful. What aesthetic choices will you make? How is everything going to stay under budget? Will you have enough room for that couch your grandparents want to pass along to you?

If you’re looking to add a new piece of furniture to your home but aren’t quite sure where to start, we’re here to help! Get ready to think outside the box and fill your home with unique items that will make your space special. For example, a great alternative to a typical couch or futon is a classic bean bag chair. This might not be the first thing to come to mind when furniture shopping, but the benefits of bean bag furniture make them the perfect choice for any room.

While there are countless benefits, we’ll walk you through what we think are the top five benefits of adding a bean bag chair to your home.

Bean Bag Furniture Comfort

Bean Bag Chairs Elevate the Comfort Level

Regardless of what room of the house you are shopping for, comfort is key. Bean bag chairs are the kings of comfort!

Not all bean bag chairs are created equal, however. When you’re shopping for a comfortable bean bag chair, two things are important to keep in mind: fill material and cover material.

What Type of Fill Should You Choose?

Bean bag chairs used to be filled with… well… beans! Though this isn’t the norm anymore, the fill material of your bean bag chair can really make or break the quality, comfort, and safety of your chair.

If you had a bean bag chair when you were younger, you might remember the feeling of thousands of little beads or beans squishing into your back. Today’s quality bean bag chairs have left the beans and beads behind and traded them in for a more comfortable (and eco-friendly) fill.

When possible, avoid micro-bead filling. Not only can this type of fill be uncomfortable, but it’s also harmful to the environment. Thankfully, most bean bag chairs today do not use micro-beads, but if you’re looking around at a garage sale or on a resale website, you may come across this type of chair

If you’re looking for a fill that provides both safety and comfort, shop for a bean bag chair filled with polyurethane foam. It isn’t a choking hazard for children, it’s eco-friendly, and it provides a comfortable experience similar to memory foam. You’ll love lounging in a chair like this because it provides extra support for your body as well as plenty of padding!

What Cover Material Should You Choose?

Your choice in cover material ultimately comes down to personal preference, but some options stand out as extra-cozy. One of our favorite options is our fur covers, which are inspired by your favorite childhood blanket. They are extremely soft and will make you want to curl up for hours with a good book or a movie marathon.

If you’re looking for a more elevated feel, try out one of our faux leather (also known as vegan leather) covers. They’re stylish and breathable, making them a great choice for living rooms or even as a fun addition to an at-home office.

While cover choice is key for comfort, it also leads us to our next bean bag benefit: style.

Bean Bag Style

1. Bean Bag Chairs Can Be Stylish

Finding furniture to match your space can be extremely difficult. We’ve all been there. Whether you’re shopping in a store or browsing online, finding a couch that will pull the room together can take hours, if not days or weeks.

Then, when you finally find the item you’re looking for, you find out the color you want is sold out. Or maybe it’s on backorder and is going to take weeks to deliver. This is an especially common problem this year!

Over 74 million people did some form of home remodeling and redecorating in 2020. While people were stuck at home, they took on more projects than normal. As working from home became a more common option, finding the perfect chair was high up on the priority list. So how can you look beyond the common options and find something unique for your room?

With over 100 styles, you’re sure to find a bean bag chair that matches the aesthetic you’re shooting for. We already covered fur and leather in the previous section, so here are just a few of the additional cover options you can pick from:

  • Chenille
  • Cargo
  • Canvas
  • Corduroy

Once you’ve narrowed down your choice of cover, you’ll still have plenty of colors to pick from as well! Go for a classic like brown or navy, or spice it up a bit with a bold purple or red.

Still not sure what style you’re going for? This year’s design trends can give a good place to start. Bright, bold statement colors are very in, as well as earthy and grounded tones. If you want to be extremely on-trend, check out this year’s Pantone colors with Illuminating (a bright yellow) or Ultimate Grey.

2. Bean Bag Chairs Help Save Space

In a world where more people are expecting to rent apartments instead of buying houses, every inch of space counts. Not every room has the square footage for a whole couch or an extra guest bed. But don’t let that stop you from being the host with the most!

With bean bag chairs, space is never an issue. They’re smaller than a couch but can fit more than one person. No more fighting over who gets the best seat in the house and who is relegated to the floor. A bean bag chair provides extra seating that anyone will be excited about.

Plus, forget about moving heavy furniture out of the way to play games or set up an air mattress for the night! Bean bag chairs are also extremely portable, making it easy to move them from room to room when needed. They can even be stored easily when not in use.

3. Bean Bag Chairs Are Easy to Clean

Spills and messes are inevitable. Stains and smells don’t have to be. With the right bean bag chairs, the outer cover is easily removable, and most are even machine washable! (Just be sure to double-check the tag). Plus, no more finding lint, spare change, and last week’s movie snack in between the couch cushions.

If you’re looking to use the convertible bean bag chair, you can simply add a mattress protector and your favorite pair of sheets to ensure the mattress stays clean.

4. Bean Bag Chairs are Versatile

You can use bean bag chairs in almost any room and for many different occasions. If you’re not convinced about the versatility of bean bag chairs, let us give you a few ideas!

Game Nights

Bean bag chairs are perfect for game nights! Whether your preferred method of gaming is board games like Monopoly and Clue or video games like Mario Kart and Call of Duty, a bean bag chair is the best seat in the house. Perfect for one or more players, you won’t even mind if that Monopoly game lasts for hours. (Ok, we can’t promise that… but at least you’ll be cozy while you wait for a winner to emerge!)

Gaming can also bring out our inner child, and bean bag chairs definitely play a big role in those fond childhood memories! Add a lava lamp or some LED lights, and all of a sudden, you have the coolest game room on the block.


One big win for our bean bag chairs is the fact that you can unzip them to reveal a super comfy mattress! Slumber parties don’t have to end with someone getting the short end of the stick and sleeping on the ground or an uncomfortable futon. Simply remove the outer cover and give your guests the best sleeping spot in the house.

Putting the bean bag chair back together is a breeze, too! All you have to do is fold it like a taco, grab the outside cover and pull it on like a sock, reverse it, and bounce it up and down until the mattress is back inside.

Family Movie Nights

Bring an extra fun twist to family movie night by introducing your kids to the wonders of bean bag chairs! They’ll love sinking into the soft foam and watching their favorite film, and you’ll enjoy not having to fight over the best seat in the house.


Next time you’re looking to upgrade your house or apartment, don’t overlook bean bag chairs! They are unique pieces of furniture that have many benefits. The top five are comfort, style, space-saving, cleanliness, and versatility. But the benefits don’t stop there! We can’t wait for you to find out more for yourself.


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