How to Choose the Best Bean Bag for Your Kids

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Every child deserves a cozy corner where they can dive into a book, daydream, or just relax. A classic bean bag chair can be that perfect spot. 

But with a wide range of options available, how do you ensure that you pick the right one? We’ve compiled a list of factors that are important to keep in mind and will help you determine how to choose the best bean bag for your kids. 

Are Bean Bags Good for Kids?

Bean bags have become increasingly popular in children's spaces, and it's easy to understand why. They're not only comfortable but also versatile and fun. But beyond these obvious advantages, are they genuinely good for kids? Let’s take a closer look. 

Are Bean Bags Safe for Kids?

When considering any new item for children, the most important question to ask is regarding safety. Is this product safe for a child? What hazards may it pose? Is it worth the risk? The good news about bean bag chairs is this: there are safety regulations to make sure that bean bag chairs are safe for children. 

This was not always the case because some of the manufacturing processes could cause choking hazards, but bean bag chairs made after the late nineties are required to follow very specific guidelines in order to be considered safe.

Our bean bag chairs for kids are not filled with tiny beads. Instead, we use high-quality foam that does not pose a choking risk. To further ensure child safety, we have also removed the zipper pull so that small children cannot access the inside of the bean bag chair. However, adults can still access the foam by using a paperclip as the zipper pull. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Bean Bag?

Modern bean bags are more than just a casual seating option; they're a blend of comfort, style, and functionality. For your child’s space, it's important to balance style with safety and durability. 

Whether it's enduring energetic jumps or resisting accidental spills, the right choice matters. From covers and filling to shape and size, we’ve got you covered. 


Selecting the perfect bean bag cover for your child goes beyond just looks—it sets the mood for their space and is essential for durability and maintenance.

CordaRoy’s youth bean bags come in two elegant cover material options: faux fur and micro fur. The faux fur bean bag chair cover radiates luxury, available in shades like soft pink, classic navy, crisp white, and sleek gray. On the other hand, our ultra-soft micro fur convertible bean bag chair is offered in versatile gray, refreshing ocean, deep navy, and warm brown. 

For those looking to up the cozy factor with one of our other bean bags, we offer a wide variety of bean bag covers that come in several colors and textures, including: 

  • Plush Corduroy: Available in a neutral gray.
  • Black Camouflage & Black Topo: For those who love a touch of adventure.
  • Full Grain Faux Leather: Sleek choices in castlerock, slate, and lunar.
  • Sueded Denim: In shades of gray, green, and blue for a rustic touch.
  • Faux Chinchilla Fur: A unique, soft texture that adds a hint of luxury.
  • Plush Fur: Comforting options in gray, navy, brown, and ocean.

The best part? Our covers are machine washable and dryer friendly! Just toss your cover in the washing machine, and the cover will come out looking as good as the day you got it. Life with children can be unpredictable, but with our washable covers, your bean bag will be prepped and primed for the adventures ahead. 

Shape and Size

Next, it’s time to consider the shape and size of your bean bag. For children, we recommend either the round youth chair or the full chair. This choice comes down to how many kids you’d like to be able to use the bed that comes inside of each of our convertible bean bag chairs. 

Our youth chair sits one child, and the inner mattress sleeps one to two children. The full chair seats one to two children and sleeps two children. These are both great options for kids up to about age 13. After 13, the full chair is definitely a better choice and will last for many years to come before they grow out of it. 

A standout choice is CordaRoy’s NEST chair. Even though this cubed chair is often labeled as an “adult chair” with sizes expanding up to king size, it's more than suitable for children. The NEST chair is unique in that it offers an additional layer of support for the head and neck. 

Deciding between these sizes might seem intimidating. If you're feeling overwhelmed, check out our bean bag size guide! It will give you a clearer picture and help you make an informed choice.

Comfortable Filling

Bean bag chair fill makes a huge difference in the comfort and safety of the chair. There are many different materials that you can fill a bean bag chair with, but the best by far is foam. 

Instead of commonly used bean bag fillings like beads, beans, plastic pellets, or polystyrene balls, CordaRoy's opts for eco-friendly polyurethane foam. This isn't just any foam; our polyfoam is the same foam used in pole-vaulting pits, providing an exceptional cushioning experience. CordaRoy's foam is shredded into random shapes, which allows for a unique, snug, and comfortable fit every time you sink into our bean bags.

Moreover, our commitment to the environment is evident in our choice of foam. The foam is made without harmful substances so you can rest easy knowing your bean bag chair is safe for your kids. 

Additionally, bean bags filled with small beads or other small materials can be a choking hazard for children. It is definitely best to stick with foam fill in order to have the safest (and most comfortable) experience. 

Adjustable Filling

Every individual's preference for comfort varies. Some want the supportive touch of a firm surface, while others prefer the gentle embrace of something softer. Children, for instance, often lean towards the soft and cozy feel in their bean bag chair.

What's exceptional about CordaRoy’s products is their adaptability. The filling can be customized to your child’s comfort needs. Here's how:

  1. Accessing the Foam: Begin by unzipping the liner of your bean bag. You'll notice that the zipper handle is missing - this is a deliberate child safety feature to prevent unintended access to the foam. To unzip, insert a paperclip where the handle would be, as directed. This will allow you to move the zipper and access the foam.
  2. Customize the Comfort: Once inside, scoop out the desired amount of foam to achieve the softness level you prefer. It's a good idea to store the removed foam safely, as you might want to add it back in the future. Preferences change, and your child might decide they want a firmer touch down the road.
  3. Safety First: After you've made your adjustments, zip the liner back and remove the paperclip. This guarantees the safety feature remains intact, preventing any unintended access to the foam.

Whether your kids love their bean bag chair firm or soft, these chairs can be adjusted to provide the perfect snuggle.

Lifetime Warranty

At CordaRoy's, our commitment to quality isn't just a statement; it's a promise that we embody. Our lifetime guarantee is a testament to our faith in the long-lasting nature of our products. 

Should any CordaRoy's item falter due to a manufacturing flaw, rest assured that we'll step in — either repairing or replacing the product for its ENTIRE lifetime. Be aware that some brands might tout a 'lifetime warranty', but in the fine print, it may only extend to specific components like the inner liner.

Our warranty is more encompassing, covering defects from the materials used to the workmanship involved. This includes, but isn't limited to, key aspects like seams, zipper slides, and zipper pulls.


When it comes to versatile furniture, CordaRoy’s takes the cake. Our bean bags aren't just about comfy seating; they're an air mattress alternative that promises a goodnight’s sleep. Why wrestle with an air mattress that might let you down (literally)? 

CordaRoy’s ensures a hassle-free experience with quick setup and takedown. Simply unzip the bean bag with a paperclip, and voila! You’ve successfully converted your bean bag chair into a cozy bed.  

Whether you’re planning an impromptu sleepover for your kiddo or hosting a movie marathon, CordaRoy’s convertible bean bags allow you to adapt to every spontaneous moment life throws at you. 

Where to Put a Bean Bag Chair

Now we’re onto the fun part! Where will your child use their new bean bag chair?

There are so many great choices, but here are a few of our ideas to help you get started: 

  • In their bedroom. Placing a bean bag chair in a child’s bedroom is a great way to encourage sinking down into it and doing homework or enjoying a great book. Plus, it makes it super easy to host sleepovers with friends.
  • In the living room. Movie nights can get a huge upgrade by placing your bean bag chair in the living room or family room. 
  • In the schoolroom. If you happen to be a homeschooling family, or your child is still doing some virtual school post-COVID, adding a beanbag chair to your school room can help them focus. Plus, sitting in a comfortable chair can make school work seem much more fun.
  • In the basement or game room. If your child is a gamer, a bean bag chair is the perfect addition to whatever room in your household the video game console is in. 


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