What Are the Different Sizes of Mattresses?

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In the market for a mattress?  You’ve come to the right place.  Although most of us only need to go mattress shopping once a very decade (possibly more frequently with the addition of children or other family members), it’s important to know the sizes in which mattresses are available.  You want to know what’s available so you can narrow your search, and also find a mattress that is perfect for your needs.  Buy a mattress that is too big, and you could risk it not fitting properly onto your bed frame.  Buy a mattress that is too small, and the same could happen.  While most mattress sizes are standard, there are some variations about which to be aware, and it’s always good to know what types of mattresses are available as well.  


The team at CordaRoy’s knows the mattress industry inside and out (and for what it’s worth, we keep our mattresses inside our bean bags)!   Here is our guide to mattress sizing, including what sizes are available, and how they measure up to CordaRoy’s mattresses.  


  • Toddler/Crib Mattress.  We will start from the bottom and work our way to the top, just like your favorite rapper.  The standard crib/toddler mattress measures 27 inches wide and 52 inches long.  This mattress is small and generally no-frills, simply due to the fact it typically isn’t used past age three.  In fact, your mileage may vary; you may get less than three years of use if you have Viking size children, or simply if you prefer to move your child to a larger bed sooner.  While we at CordaRoy’s aren’t yet in the business of outfitting the nursery, we do have a size many parents and caretakers love for children of toddler age and above.  Read about it below.  


  • The Youth Mattress.  This is a non-standard sized mattress.  More of a specialty size, this is a 60”x60” mattress that is 4” thick.  This is shaped differently than a twin mattress, in that it is a square shape instead of a rectangle.  It’s also wider than a twin mattress.  It sleeps up to two children comfortably, and as always, comes packed inside the world’s most comfortable bean bag chair.  Ideal for camping, sleepovers, visits to grandma’s, or just as a handy extra bed to have when needed, children especially love the fun aspect of having their bed concealed inside a special chair all their own, and you’ll only get that with a CordaRoy’s.  


  • Twin Size Mattress.  A twin bed mattress dimensions measure 38 inches wide by 75 inches long.  This is the first “adult” standard-sized mattress, although it may seem too short for some adults.  A twin mattress, also known as a double bed or twin xl mattress, is typically a great size for a small guest bedroom, single sleepers, dorm rooms, bunk beds, a children’s or teenager’s room, or for use as a chaise lounge or daybed.  A CordaRoy’s youth mattress is often a great choice when considering a twin mattress for additional bedding.  Because twin mattresses are sometimes chosen for their smaller size and can be easily tucked under another bed or stowed against a wall for guest bedding, a better option can be to purchase a CordaRoy’s convertible bean bag chair.  By doing so, you’ll not only have additional bedding when you need it, you’ll also have a great, high quality, comfortable chair when the bed is not in use.  


  • Full size Mattress.  It’s what you started out on as young newlyweds, or perhaps what you grew up sleeping on as a teenager.  A full size mattress is the standard, two person mattress, although it is arguably pretty small measuring in at 53 inches wide and 75 inches long.  You’ll notice the full is the exact same length as the twin mattress, which some more vertically endowed adults feeling short-sheeted on this mattress.  This is traditionally the bed you’ll find in practically everyone’s guest room or for the single adults.  While it remains small, it takes up room that it doesn’t have to.  A CordaRoy’s full mattress measures an inch wider than the standard full size bed mattress, yet fits neatly into a gorgeous bean bag shell, which takes up much less floor space than an actual full bed.  You’ve got a great seat that everyone will love, and when it’s time for company, simply pull out the mattress and expect a great night of sleep.  


  • Queen mattress.  Now we’re talking about serious mattresses.  The queen size bed mattress is the most popular mattress size as it is affordable, generally fits two adults most comfortably, and is just enough larger than the full mattress to make it more comfortable for taller adults.  The queen size mattress measures in at 60 inches wide and 80 inches long.  A CordaRoy’s queen mattress has the exact same measurements, making it completely comparable to a standard mattress, but with the added feature of doubling as a comfortable, oversized bean bag chair over which everyone will be fighting to sit upon.  


  • King mattress/California king bed.  The larger than life king size mattress measures in at 76 inches wide by 80 inches long, the king bed mattress is the same bed size length as a queen but with sixteen inches more width.  This is a size bed for a larger room and provides opulent sleep for two adults, a gaggle of kids, or a mix of both. The California king mattress is the same in width but the California king size has extra length which is typically 3-4 inches longer. A CordaRoy’s king mattress measures the same king size bed and provides ten full inches of thick, polyfoam comfort.  When your convertible mattress is in its bean bag form, it can comfortably sit up to three people, so owning a king sized CordaRoy’s is like owning a small love seat and a king sized bed at the same time.  


That rounds out the most common mattress sizes.  All other mattresses would be considered custom and would likely have to be custom ordered.  When considering a new mattress for your digs, consider a CordaRoy’s for the best mattress.  You’ll get the benefit of the world’s most comfortable mattress neatly packed into the world’s most comfortable bean bag chair.  Whether you are in need of a youth, full, queen, or king, CordaRoy’s has the mattress size for which you are looking.  Our team is ready to help you find the perfect piece of convertible furniture to fit your needs.  

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