Tablet Holder: 5 Ways to use Your Tablet Hands-Free

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We’re on our devices now more than ever.  In fact, now that we’ve become even more homebound this year, our devices are our main sources of entertainment, business, work, and education.  Practically everything we do revolves around an application or program that runs on our tablets or smartphones.  And it isn’t just adults; our kids, too, spend more time on their devices than ever before; and for now, that isn’t likely to change. 

With all this device usage, it’s important to protect our devices and make sure that they’re safe when we’re using them.  We can do this a number of ways, and one of those ways is by ensuring that our devices are in a protected position when they’re in use, instead of just propped up against something and at risk of falling! 

As such, a tablet holder is a great consideration for every family that finds themselves using their tablets on a daily basis.  Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to navigate a Zoom or WebEx call from a tablet you have to hold in your hands.  Not only are you locked in to holding the tablet and unable to do anything else productive with your hands, you’re also incapable of holding said tablet in a manner that isn’t, well, shaky, which is not a great experience to give your other web conference attendees. 

Enter the PUK.  The world’s first multifunctional, multi-size tablet holder.  A small, simple device that can hold your tablet for you while you use your tablet, so you are free to use your hands to follow on-screen instructions, take notes, or anything else.  The PUK allows you to use your tablet safely, and in a hands-free manner, which is so incredibly helpful you will wonder how you ever lived without it. 

Not only is the PUK great for any sized-tablet, it’s also great for any-sized phone, in any-sized case.  The PUK has three size settings which effectively fit any device, in any case, and in either portrait or landscape mode.  The options for hands-free device usage are endless. 

The PUK isn’t just useful as a device stand, either.  Flipping it over reveals a solid, rubberized surface (that incidentally doesn’t allow your devices to skid around while in use) that you can use as a coaster.  This means you don’t have to hide your PUK in a drawer when it isn’t in use; you can simply allow it’s sleek, modern design to sit on the coffee table and await a cold drink. 

If you’re wondering of all the ways you can use your PUK tablet holder, we’ve got some great ideas.  Your PUK tablet holders come in a three pack, so you can quite literally have one in every area of your home or office, and have one to use on the road.  Traveling with a PUK is a smart way to ensure you always have a place to prop your devices when you need to.  Here are five ways to use your tablet hands free with your PUK. 


Conference Calls and Virtual Meetings


Even before the pandemic we were working more and more from home.  Post Covid-19, estimates show that nearly 25%-30% of us will be making the full-time transition from the office to the dining room.  As such, it is absolutely essential that we become our own IT advocates.  That includes not only making sure our devices are in proper working order, but also that our workspaces are as ergonomically friendly as we can possibly make them.  One such way to accomplish this is by providing a safe place to prop up our tablet so that it is in a clear and visible place for us to view it and also for us to appear before the camera. 

Nothing is worse than sitting on a web call with someone who only has their forehead on the screen.  Don’t be that guy.  Use a PUK to hold your tablet and make sure your camera and your coworkers see you clearly, and your device is protected from slipping and falling during an important meeting. 


Virtual Fitness


If you love taking virtual yoga classes, spinning along with a YouTube spin class, or following a weight-lifting workout in your gym, you definitely need a PUK.  A tablet holder can hold your tablet in place while you watch on-screen demonstrations and practice along at home.  Unlike simply propping your device up against a squat rack or a nearby chair, using a PUK on a flat surface will allow you to actually see what your instructor is teaching so you can better imitate their moves at home. 

Because of the PUK’s design, you can turn your tablet to either landscape or portrait mode to view on-screen content.  This is a great way to make sure you’re seeing the best version of the class you are taking, because some of them may be easier to view in landscape position.  Additionally, if your class is live, your other virtual gym-mates will be able to see you without experiencing camera shake, which is enough to make even the most Zenned-out yogis lose their cool.

If you’re a personal trainer, the use of the PUK for virtual training sessions is an absolute must.  You can keep your business thriving by positioning your tablet in a sturdy PUK holder and giving them instruction from your own home.   




We can’t stand the thought of being airborne for more than half an hour without a tablet.  As such, it’s a guarantee if you’re packing for a trip, your device will be in your carry on.  Tuck a PUK into the front pocket, sail through security, and enjoy hands-free, upright tablet usage the entire time you’re in flight.  No more pausing to open a snack, or awkwardly and uncomfortably trying to hold the tablet the entire flight.  Once your tray table doesn’t have to be in a fully upright and locked position, you can lock your tablet into your PUK and enjoy your flight in a new and more efficient way. 




The PUK is an absolute lifesaver for kids.  In fact, once you use one, we’re sure you’ll want to start handing them out at baby showers.  The PUK is one of those “mom-hack” style devices that is truly life changing. 

We use our kids’ tablets as tools.  Be it online gaming, virtual ballet classes, or virtual learning, our kids need tablet access on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, the options for kid-friendly tablet cases and stands are rudimentary at best, ostentatiously colorful, which can be a huge turn-off if you and your child share a device, and considerable in size.  While we understand these things are meant to protect your device, we find the PUK does a more effective job, with less space, and less, well, neon bright color. 

The PUK is made of durable, high quality material that can really take a beating.  As such, we’re willing to put it to the test of your kids against any other tablet holder on the market.  Our tablet holder is easy to use, completely portable, and safe.  Your kid won’t need an instruction manual to figure out how to get their devices to fit, and you won’t have to worry about their devices falling over.  This will save you a considerable amount of money on screen replacements, which kids are famous for requiring. 


Instruction Related Programs


How many times have you tried to watch a cooking tutorial only to have to repeatedly pause it so you can readjust your tablet, put it down, or do something hands free?  If you’re like most of us, you’ve been propping your tablet up against a bottle of water or something else not-secure and hoping for the best.  Additionally, once you begin cooking, you likely have hands that are either too soiled to pick up a device, or that you want to keep clean for food handling.  Having to repeatedly readjust your tablet creates more hand washing and takes up more time. 

If you love learning new songs on your guitar or piano, and use an app that provides scrolling sheet music while you play, using a PUK is a great way for you to play your music and keep your tablet steady so you can see what you’re doing.  You’ll also never have to worry about knocking your tablet or other device while playing. 

If it’s instructional programming you want, it’s a tablet holder you need.  There’s simply no better way to receive on-screen instruction and follow along than placing your device in a PUK holder. 

Another amazing benefit of the PUK is the ability you have to charge your device while using it in the holder.  Many multifunctional tablet holders allow you to prop your device into position, but if you need to charge it, you’re out of luck.  The PUK follows you wherever you and your tablet go, including to your favorite charging spot. 

Using a PUK is a great way to keep your tablet and other devices propped up in an easily viewable position, while keeping it safe.  The PUK allows you to be hands-free the entire time you need to use your device, which allows you to participate in online activities and instructional videos more easily.  It’s also a great tool for kids, as it is virtually indestructible and fun to use.  You’ll also enjoy the benefits of PUK while traveling, and won’t have any problems getting it through security.  The PUK is the multifunctional, multi-device holder that lets you work hands free and charge your devices at the same time. 


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