Phone Stand: Can You Charge Your Phone at the Same Time?

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One of the most frustrating aspects of virtual everything, working from home, Zoom calls, WebEx meetings, and FaceTime birthday parties is having your device blink “low battery” and being a mile away from a charger that can adequately charge your device while it leans precariously against your water bottle.  It’s leaning against the water bottle for two reasons:  1.  That’s the only position that allows everyone who needs to be in the frame to be in the frame in a somewhat flattering position; and 2.  Lack of a better option. 

If you do have to go grab a charger, chances are you’ll now have to hold your device while you attempt to finish whatever work, project, party, or conversation you were having.  Even if you’ve purchased some type of multifunctional phone stand, it likely isn’t very versatile when it comes to charging options.  In a few words, the available options kinda stink. 

Thankfully, there is a solution.  The PUK multifunctional device stand takes away all the device drama.  Here, we’ll tell you all about the PUK system, what makes it unique, and why you’ve gotta get your device in one as quickly as possible. 

If you’re wondering how the PUK was developed, here’s a little background information.  The same great company that developed the convertible bean bag chair (the only bean bag chair that has a bed inside), came up with another great solution for a common problem; too many devices, no multipurpose, multi-device stand that allowed charging at the same time.  While there may have been some attempts floating around, there was nothing really solid that provided a safe and efficient way to prop up your device (and we mean any device be at a tablet or a phone with a thick, protective case) and charge it at the same time. 

Ones that were available were cheaply made, and not even remotely portable.  This made using them seem like an inconvenience, and when something is inconvenient, it isn’t effectively solving a problem.  That’s why the PUK was invented.  The PUK is a round, multifunctional device holder that can hold any sized phone or tablet.  There are three slots in three different sizes so no matter what kind of device you are working on, it’s going to fit without slipping or tipping. 

The PUK is also extremely portable.  It’s circular, lightweight, disc shape allows it to be moved and relocated quickly and easily.  It features a rubberized, no slip bottom which allows it to bond to any surface without sliding around; an especially important feature for kids and teens (and some adults who are accident prone). 

The PUK is washable and durable, and available in a myriad of fun colors.  It also doubles as a coaster for your beverages, so when you’re not using it with a device, you won’t need to stuff it in a drawer.  Its simplistic and modern design makes it a great accompaniment to any coffee table, side table, or countertop.   


Multifunctional Phone Stands-What’s Out there?


If you’ve just started Googling around to find a great phone stand, you aren’t alone. Since so many of us now conduct all or at least a portion of our lives online, the need for a reliable and safe place to sit our devices is at an all-time high.  In fact, if you’ve been taking conference calls in video mode, you know the frustration involved.  First, you’ve got to craft the perfect spot in your home with the appropriate lighting.  Next, you need to angle your device’s camera so that you aren’t continually distracted by the odd angle of your face the entire time you’re working.  And third, you’ve got to be near a plug.  There’s just no way around it.  You don’t want to be the guy or gal that constantly has to call back in because you “had to go get a charger.” 

Unfortunately, what you find when you do a quick internet search are device holders that are, at first glance, just plain cumbersome.  From quirky, easel-like holders to magnetic stands that don’t exactly hold your phone where it says it will, the options just weren’t what we were looking for. 

The biggest issue we had was finding a good stand that allowed you to operate your device in landscape or portrait mode while it was charging.  How no one had thought of this, we weren’t sure, but the only solution was to create something ourselves. 

Most multifunctional phone stands only allow you to operate your device in one position.  If the stand did allow you to rotate your device, the stand immediately grew double in size.  The sheer size of the stand didn’t match the device.  We needed something we could easily move from indoors to outdoors without risking damage to it or to our device. 

When we created the PUK, we ensured it was not only durable, but also waterproof.  That means if you want to listen to and control your music out by the pool, you can safely sit your device in a PUK a few feet away from the water and get the job done without having to continually get out to change the station.  With the versatility of the PUK, you can even take a conference call from your pool if you so desire, although we don’t assume any liability if your boss doesn’t think that is a great idea.


How a PUK Can Benefit You?


Even before we started telecommuting to our lives, we used our devices for everything.  Now more than ever, they’ve got ultimate staying power.  In fact, there are even some studies that show that working from home is actually increasing our productivity.  With all this time spent at home and on our devices, it is important we have a safe and reliable way to keep our phones upright and chargeable while we work on them. 

That’s where the PUK is like work-from-home gold.  The PUK keeps your device perfectly positioned in either landscape or portrait position (with the perfect camera angle, we might add) so that you are fully functional and able to charge your phone while it is in the stand and in use. 

The PUK is also safe for your device.  Unlike other phone stands that simply allow your phone to rest on a surface, the PUK has sized spaces to ensure your device will fit perfectly without risk of being knocked around or sliding off.  This is incredibly important for young device users! 

The PUK phone stand can be used in a sheer ton of scenarios.  Whether you’re watching a virtual yoga class at home (or videoing your own), handling a video conference call on your tablet, using your device as your television remote, or watching a movie on a device while you eat dinner, the PUK can hold your phone safely, securely, and in perfect viewing and filming position, all while it’s plugged in and getting a charge. 

When it’s done charging, simply unplug your device and relocate; the PUK goes wherever you go and grips practically any surface like glue.  When it’s not in use as a phone stand, simply flip it over and use it as a beverage coaster.  Unlike some phone stands, the PUK isn’t bulky or kitschy; it’s just a simple disc-shaped device that practically goes unnoticed unless it’s in use. 


How Do I Charge My Phone in a PUK?


Charging your phone or any other device while using a PUK couldn’t be simpler.  Position your device so that the charging port is visible horizontally.  In other words, if you’re using something like an iPhone you would turn your device into the landscape position and place it in the PUK multifunctional phone holder.  Then, simply connect your charger to your device and plug the charger into the wall.  It’s that simple.  No threading the cord through holes that are too small, or being tethered to an “all-in-one” charger station that has a cord reach of one foot.  You don’t even need a specialty cord.  You can use your favorite charger in your favorite spot, and when you’re done, simply unplug, and walk away. 

If you’re wondering if you can still use a PUK in connection with one of those circular cell phone holders that attach to the back of your device and allow you to easily hold it in one hand, you can.  The PUK holds your device lower than you’d traditionally stick a circular phone holder. 

Our mobile device usage is on the rise, and with “the new normal” that probably isn’t going to magically change anytime soon.   It’s important to find creative ways to get our phones out of our laps and into a comfortable position that works for us and doesn’t put our devices at risk of being damaged.  It’s also important we have a way to keep our phones viewable and hands free while it gets a charge, so we don’t have to interrupt what we’re doing to relocate or grab a plug. 

The PUK is the first ever phone stand of its kind.  Durable, waterproof, completely portable, and available in a rainbow of colors.  The PUK can hold any device in any position while allowing it to grab a charge, without disrupting your device usage. 


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