Picking a mattress is a very personal, yet daunting decision. The reason for this is because a lot of people don’t know what they want in a mattress. Their only past experience with mattresses is the 25-year-old hand-me-down mattress from their grandmother that gave them a lifetime of back problems. But choosing a mattress doesn’t have to be scary. If you do your research before going out and getting one, you will have a better idea of what you are looking for. It’s helpful to keep in mind that everyone’s priorities are different, and you may find that if you are shopping for a mattress with your partner, it may be more difficult than you thought.


Features of A Mattress to Consider


Some of the most important features to consider are the mattress type, your budget, the firmness, your sleeping positions, and your body weight.

Let’s talk about mattress types first. 

  • The main ones are memory foam, hybrids, and innerspring. A memory foam mattress is made entirely of layers of foam, which is great for pressure relief if that is what you are looking for. An innerspring mattress is the more traditional choice and is best for people who want more bounce in their mattress and strong edge support. Hybrid mattresses are a combination of the two, consisting of both foam and coils in the base layer. This is best for sleepers who want the best of both types of mattresses. 
  • The next feature to consider is your budget. Up until a few years ago, the only choice for buying a mattress was going to a furniture store and paying an exorbitant amount of money for sub-par quality. Retail stores are sometimes inflated by 100-300%. Now, with the beauty of the internet, it is much easier to shop around for what you want and get the best price. Although, it is better to be able to test out a mattress before you buy it to make sure you like it. A lot of sites now offer 90 or 100 days of sleep on a mattress before you decide to keep it. When it comes to budgeting for a mattress, the ideal amount is somewhere between $500-1000. When it comes to quality, going below $500 oftentimes means you are sacrificing durability.
  • Firmness is something that people feel differently about. Some people like a very hard, stiff bed, while others like a very soft bed. This also depends on your own definition of what soft and hard feel like, which can also be subjective. Sometimes, people get support and firmness mixed up. A mattress with good support means your spine will be in proper alignment, whereas firmness is more about the comfortability of the mattress initially. 
  • Sleeping position is not necessarily something you pick. It is more of a subconscious decision that happens while we are asleep. People sleep on their side, back, stomach or a combination of those. All of those positions have specific needs and firmness levels, which is something to consider when shopping for a new mattress. 

Side sleepers are often the type of people who toss and turn at night. Sometimes they have their legs bent, and sometimes it’s straight. The firmness you would want for a side sleeper is in the 3-6 range (10 is the most firm). Side sleepers need a mattress that is soft enough to contour to their body.

Back sleepers need both support and firmness. If they go too soft on the scale, it will be problematic for their spine. They need a firm mattress that has the right amount of softness to get rid of pressure points. Somewhere between a 4-7 would be good for them. 

If you sleep on your stomach the most important thing is support. It is crucial for side sleepers to have equal support across their whole body. If the middle of the mattress sinks in, this will create a curve in the spine causing lower back problems. Stomach sleepers need to be flat against the mattress in order to get the best rest possible. They do best in the 5-7 range for firmness. 

  • Something that not a lot of people consider when mattress shopping, is their weight. The amount that the mattress sinks, how cooling it actually is and the support can be hugely impacted by the weight of the person sleeping on it. Depending on how much you weigh, there may be a specific mattress that best suits your needs. People on the heavier side may want more cooling in their mattress, as well as more support to prevent sagging. People on the lighter side may want a medium-firm mattress that is a bit softer on the top layer. 

How Do I Decide?


Just like making any kind of purchase, ultimately, the decision boils down to your personal preferences.  Because of the free trial periods offered by several mattress companies, it is even possible to get a reference point for what works for you and your loved ones to make sure that you end up getting the best possible mattress.  The keys to making a good decision involve gathering data, exploring options, evaluating solutions, and then making the decision itself.  When it comes to mattress shopping, that process looks like this:

  1. First, you have to gather relevant data.  Once you determine that your current mattress is just about to either break your spine or just murder you in your sleep, it is definitely time to buy a new one.  Find out what you hate the most about your current mattress and make a list for what you want in a new one.  
  2. Exploring options comes next, and involves comparing the different types of mattresses available.  Once you decide where you want to shop, whether you want to shop in person or online, you then have to decide what kind of mattress you want to buy.  Regardless of whether or not you decide to choose a traditional mattress, a memory foam mattress, a hybrid mattress, or something totally different like a convertible mattress, you will have tons of options.  
  3. Evaluate the solutions available.  Once you make a list of the mattresses that fit your criteria, it is important to check that list more than once.  Shopping for a mattress can be an overly expensive undertaking, and so choosing a mattress that fits your needs without breaking the bank is incredibly essential to making sure you make the right decision.  Mattress longevity is also very important, but buying the most expensive mattress is not always the best option for lifetime guarantees.  Look for products that provide lifetime warranties against manufacturer defects.
  4. Make your decision! At the end of the day, you will eventually have to make a decision.  Do not stress to the point that you cannot enjoy the product that you end up with.  Rest assured that you are making the right decision. 

If you need extra peace of mind, look for products that are environmentally friendly, responsibly sourced, and cruelty free with styling options like faux fur rather than actual animal fur, vegan leather rather than animal leather, and foam produced without harmful ingredients.  That way, you can make sure that you feel good about your decision and that you are also providing the best possible option for you and your family’s health.  

An Excellent Middle Ground Option


If you are not sold on any one kind of mattress, maybe a cheaper investment would be better.  Look for something like the CordaRoy’s Convertible chair mattress, which combines a comfortable, classy bean bag chair and a standard sized mattress into one convenient piece of furniture for just a fraction of the cost.  They are offered in Full, Queen, and King sizes with a variety of fabric finishes that are all machine wash safe, so you can always make sure your furniture is as clean as it could possibly be.  And, like mentioned above, they come with lifetime warranties so that you can also make sure your furniture is of the best possible quality.  Spruce up any space with a piece of furniture that provides style and comfort without breaking the bank!     

In Summary


No matter what you decide for your mattress, the decision has to be a personal one.  After comparing all the options available, shopping around for every possible price you can find, and deciding what works best for you and your family, whatever you end up getting will most likely be a great choice.  Just remember, versatility is almost always a great option, and products like the CordaRoy’s convertible chair provide an excellent middle ground between a comfortable mattress and a chair that will never let you down.  Don’t let mattress shopping stress you out, because the options that are available are almost always good choices.    


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