Convertible Chairs: 3 Features You Can Get From a Convertible Chair

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The modern society that we live in today is centered on change, innovation, and growth.  And while the technological world is focused on creating instantaneous, seamless flow of information, the rest of the world is trying to catch up and find new ways to save time in a world that is always demanding more and more.  Modern society is all about immediate decision making.  From our meals to our business interactions to our family time, the focus seems to shift more and more to making the most of the time we have.  And unsurprisingly, the industries that fuel our world are changing with it.  One such market that has seen a shift in the way that its products are created is the furniture industry, with more and more manufacturers deciding to create furniture that saves time, space, and provides versatility to any kind of lifestyle.


What is a Convertible Chair?


An excellent example of a product that is revolutionizing the furniture industry is the CordaRoy’s convertible chair, which is a new take on the bean bag chairs that have been around for decades.  It doubles as both a comfortable place to sit and also a regulation size mattress at the same time, making it the perfect addition to a living room, a bedroom, or a guest area for a vacation rental.  According to CordaRoy’s website, it is so versatile that it has been used for “Vacation homes, basements, lofts, theater rooms, pregnancy chairs, autism therapy, sensory therapy, guest bed, gaming chair, kid's, dorms, designer accents, and sleepovers.”  

The goal of this product is to provide comfort and versatility in a way that provides an excellent aesthetic addition to any room.    

Who Needs a Convertible Chair


When you think about buying one of these chairs either for yourself, it is important to consider exactly who this product benefits the most.  Here are some great examples of who could benefit from these chairs:

  1. The College Student: Going to college can be an incredibly stressful experience because most college students find themselves in completely unfamiliar environments, surrounded by new people.  Making comforting connections to home or to the familiar can be really hard, so giving them a good chance of a comfortable place to remember who they are and what they’re striving towards is always going to be a great gift.  Additionally, being in college is a tiring experience, so get the college student you love a piece of furniture that will effortlessly transform from a place to sit into a place to catch a power nap, let a friend crash, or just spread out for homework.  And with completely machine wash and dry safe materials making up the chair’s cover, they can just throw it into the washing machine if it gets dirty.
  2. The Vacation Rental Owner: buying furniture for a vacation rental is a difficult balance between style and the desire to save money and buy something that will not get ruined by careless guests.  However, conscious furnishing is possible with furniture that is both safe to wash and fairly inexpensive while still providing style and comfort.  One of the most versatile products they could own is this convertible chair/bed combination.  A convertible bean bag chair is a great addition to any vacation rental property because not only does it provide comfortable casual seating that can be rearranged instantly, they can also be transformed into standard sized beds in just seconds by removing the covers.  And because they come in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes, they can be the perfect addition to any room.  The Queen sized convertible chair comes with a four foot diameter and looks great in any room in the house.  Stop spending money on incredibly expensive bed frames, mattresses, and box springs, and ditch the annoying pumps for the air mattress in your vacation rental.  Instead, just buy a piece of furniture that will provide you the ultimate in vacation versatility.
  3. The Family: a convertible piece of furniture is ideal for family living areas for several reasons.  First, family areas are high traffic areas, meaning the furniture in family rooms will become easily damaged or soiled.  Neither of these issues will be a problem for the CordaRoy’s Convertible Chair, because the covers are easy to clean.  Also, the family room is a great place to all come together, so getting a piece of furniture that spreads out into a mattress that everyone can hang out on together is an absolutely fantastic investment!     

Best Three Features of Convertible Chairs


Not only are convertible chairs versatile in terms of who needs them, they are also versatile in the features that they offer.  Three of the best reasons to buy these chairs are comfort, casual style, and creative expression.

  1. Comfort: the materials used to create these amazing pieces of furniture are top of the line, environmentally friendly, and responsibly manufactured.  The interior is not crafted with the typical tiny white beads that most people are used to when they think of the bean bags from their childhoods.  Instead, they are made of polyurethane foam, the same foam that pole vaulters rely on to break their falls.  The foam is made without ozone depleters, mercury, lead, formaldehyde, or phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  And the comfort extends beyond just the time spent enjoying the chair; when they get dirty, rest assured that you can just throw them right into the washing machine to get out any stains.

In addition, the different fabric options provide the ultimate in comfort, with options like vegan leather, faux fur, and the original corduroy allowing for cruelty free flexibility in design. 

  1. Casual style: No matter what kind of room you are decorating or furnishing, there is a convertible chair for you.  If you need something casual for a college student or a kid’s room, grab something smaller with a more sporty finish, maybe in the color blue or the KUSH tie dye pattern.  If you need something classy for an adult living space, try the velour, which is a luxurious fabric that comes in several different color options and provides timeless style.  And if you need something for a guest room, the corduroy is a great middle ground between comfort and style and will draw the attention of anyone who walks into the room.
  2. Creative Expression: because of the versatility offered by these products, you can actually find ways to express your personality through furniture.  For example, the Nest version of the CordaRoy’s convertible chair actually comes with back and neck support to transform it further into a comfortable place to sit.  According to the product page, “there's a giant pillow that gets inserted into the chair cover by way of a zippered pocket on the interior of the cover. This crescent moon shaped pillow provides head, neck and back support and is completely removable when it's time to wash your chair cover.”  

And while build quality is not necessarily a feature, it is impossible to talk about these chairs without talking about their build quality and lifetime warranty.  CordaRoy’s uses only the most responsibly sourced materials, and they assure their manufacturing process over the entire life of your chair, so if anything were ever to come up as defective, you would know you could just get another one completely covered under that warranty.

Why to Buy Versatile Furniture


Furniture is overall one of the most expensive investments involved in moving into a new home.  Most people look for pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, provide comfort, and that fit well into their space.  However, for many people buying new properties in the modern world, space is very limited, so it is important to buy versatile furniture.  Some important steps to keep in mind in selecting the best possible furniture are:

  • Multifunctional furniture is your best friend.  Products like the convertible chair not only save space, but they do so without sacrificing comfort or looks.
  • Purchase something that is designed to be stored inside something else to save space.  The CordaRoy’s convertible bed is folded up and the foam is stored perfectly inside the chair to save space and provide two pieces of furniture in one.
  • Pick something with neutral style that does not clash.  Making sure you buy something that goes with every other piece of furniture you buy is incredibly important as well, because it allows you to pick and choose pieces over time instead of having to invest all at once.  CordaRoy’s products are offered in a wide variety of styles and colors so that you can always make sure you have products that flow well together.         

In Summary


While shopping for furniture can be something that is easy to mess up, making the right decisions is getting easier.  WIth products like the CordaRoy’s convertible chair, it is possible to buy a piece of furniture that will never let you down.  Get yourself the best possible combination of comfort, classy, casual style, and creative expression with any number of configurations of color, size, or fabric to fit any room or use case in your home.   



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