Convertible Chair Bed: What is it and Why Does Everyone Need One?

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It is very rare for a product to exist that completely revolutionizes the way that we think about something.  The release of the iPhone in 2007 was one such advancement that transformed an entire industry, and now, people cannot live without a smartphone allowing them a connection with the modern world.  With its innovative control scheme, the elimination of most hardware buttons, and an intuitive touchscreen, the iPhone truly raised the bar in its industry.

Standards of manufacturing have improved such that the ease of life that we so crave are easily accessible to more and more of the global population.  Thanks to entrepreneurial growth and encouragement, innovation has never been easier and more products are created every day that make life easier and change the way that we think about certain things.  One such product is CordaRoy's Convertible Chair, which is revolutionizing the furniture industry.  

What is a Convertible Chair Bed? 


Shopping for furniture can be an extremely daunting experience, leaving some people less excited about furniture even though they got something new.  For most people, shopping for furniture involves a drive to a local furniture store, a stressful walk around, a limited selection, and overpriced products.  And to top it off, furniture can be incredibly restrictive; you have to buy exactly the piece of furniture that fits your space, your aesthetic, and your interior design vision.

However, furniture is usually very limited in what it can actually usually only has one use case.  For example, if you need somewhere to sleep, you are usually boxed into buying a traditional mattress/box spring combination and some sort of bed frame.  If you need somewhere to eat, you usually have to buy an entire dining set.  If you are looking for patio furniture, you can count on looking at very bland and unimaginative furniture that will just sit out on the back deck.  

So what if you want something that can fulfill two jobs at once?  Maybe you are looking for something functional but also a little flashy, something that is comfortable and casual while also being the most versatile piece of furniture you will ever own.  Enter the CordaRoy’s Convertible Bean Bag, a chair that is designed to be both a place to sit and a place to sleep because it folds out into a regulation mattress.  

Why Even Buy a Bean Bag Chair?


If you are anything like most people, your early memories of bean bag chairs do not elicit a very positive response.  Thinking back to your childhood, you probably remember bean bag chairs being a very uncomfortable plastic sack filled with tiny styrofoam beads that would somehow end up stuck to every surface in your bedroom.  And yes, maybe they became the basis for a lot of fun times with your friends, but they were not comfortable, they were not versatile, and let’s be honest: they were not very visually appealing.  Well, with the CordaRoy’s lineup of products, all that has changed.

The convertible bean bag chairs that CordaRoy’s offers provide a new standard in comfort, looks, and versatility that are just unrivaled in the current furniture market.  They really do transform the way that we look at furniture.  

CordaRoy’s Story


Flashback for a second to the late nineties in Gainesville, Florida, where a young college student and his friends get back home after a late Gators football game and discover that they do not have enough bed space for everyone to crash for the night.  Inspired by the inside of the bean bag chairs that he already had, founder Byron Young helped his friends take apart the chairs and spread the stuffing out on the floor as a makeshift bed.  It was here that the idea for the CordaRoy’s product was born.

From there, the convertible bean bag chair has been through many different iterations, improving every time to provide you with the most comfortable and versatile product available.  

Why do You Need One?


What makes a piece of furniture truly desirable?  For most people, a combination of comfort, design, visual appeal, and versatility within their space are the most important features considered during the shopping process. 

  • Comfort: The convertible chair/bed that CordaRoy’s offers is extremely comfortable, and several customers have said in reviews that they have actually used it as a standalone bed for some time.  The interior is stuffed with environmentally friendly, high quality polyurethane foam (the same foam that pole vaulters trust their lives to) that is manufactured without formaldehyde, ozone depleters, harmful flame retardants, or phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  This allows the foam to be extremely comfortable without being harmful to the environment or the health of yourself or your family members.
  • Design: The fabric options inherent in this product’s design are excellent.  They are also cruelty free, meaning that all the “fur” options are synthetic.  Here are some of the most popular choices
    • Vegan leather: this is by far the most popular option for bean bag chairs today.  Leather is considered to be classy without being over the top, and a vegan leather cover can actually be tossed into the washing machine, unlike real leather.
    • Faux Fur: this fabric type is the height of luxury available and the best possible combination of comfort, feel, and breathability.  The CordaRoy’s fur is shed resistant, warm, and comforting.  And just like every other cover provided, it is completely machine wash and dry safe!
    • Corduroy: the inspiration behind the original CordaRoy’s convertible chair, this fabric type is fun to touch and is attractive in any space.  
  • Visual Appeal: When buying furniture, it is important to find something that adds to the inspiration behind a room rather than detracting from its appeal.  Every single one of CordaRoy’s products comes in several styles and colors, meaning that it is possible to buy one that will fit any room from a college dorm room to a vacation rental’s guest room to a fancy living room.  
  • Versatility within a room: Once you have picked the room that you want to furnish, it can be difficult to decide where a particular piece of furniture is supposed to go.  For example, if you buy several pieces of furniture for a living room space, you then have to organize the room in such a way that the space flows properly, allowing for maximum conversational comfort.  Or, if you are designing a bedroom, you have to think way ahead in terms of placement because the last thing you want to do is move several hundred pounds of furniture around more than once.  With the CordaRoy’s Convertible Chair Bed, this problem virtually disappears.  Not only is the process for assembly and movement very simple, converting the piece from a chair to a bed takes no time at all, making it infinitely versatile in any space.

So Many Possible Configurations!


Feeling limited when buying furniture is never a good thing.  However, this is never going to be a problem with CordaRoy’s.

When bean bag chairs were first introduced in the twentieth century, they were very one-dimensional.  They really only fulfilled one purpose, and they only came in one size.  Because CordaRoy’s convertible chairs offer more than one use case, they also come in various sizes, all based off of standardized mattress sizes.  They can be purchased in the following sizes or configurations:

  • Full Size Chair/Mattress: with a 42-inch diameter and a size Full (54 x 75 inches) bed configuration, this chair comes in Cream, Blue, Beige, or Charcoal if purchased in the Nest configuration
  • Queen Size Chair/Mattress: this size goes up to a four foot diameter (48 inch diameter) and converts to a size Queen (60 x 80 inches).  It also adds a color option that the Full did not have, “Stone”.
  • King Size Chair/Mattress: with five foot diameter (60 inches) chair and 76 x 80 inch bed configurations, this is the largest size currently offered and comes in the same four standard colors as the Full.

However, if none of these colors sound appealing, there are also several other fabric options or configurations offered as well, as discussed above.

In Summary


Thanks to technology, the way we shop for furniture has been completely changed.  Gone are the days of hours of browsing at every furniture store in town; now it is possible to find versatile, comfortable furniture from your own home.  Bean bags in general have increased in popularity due to safer and more responsible manufacturing, higher comfort, and better customer service.  And with a lifetime warranty and free shipping, the CordaRoy’s lineup of products will be sure to keep you and your family happy for years to come.  




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