Wind Down After the Holidays with These 3 Relaxation Room Ideas

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The holidays are finally over, and while it is always fun getting to spend time with family and friends, a high level of stress can also accompany the return of the holiday season. With so many obligations, plans, and purchases to be made, it’s understandable why sometimes, the holidays are more anxiety-inducing than they are fun. 

However, once the holidays are over for the year, it is officially your time to treat yourself to a relaxing, enjoyable time. You might be unsure of how to do this, and the answer is actually fairly straightforward.

If you are curious how you can wind down after the holidays are over, the answer is that you can relax however you see fit. For instance, if your idea of relaxing is going out with friends and socializing more, then you can do that. 

Or, if your idea of a fun, relaxing time is getting to recharge your batteries at home, you can do that, as well. It really is up to you how you wind down after the holidays, and no two peoples’ ideas of winding down are alike. 

One popular way to wind down from the holiday stress is with a relaxation room. If you’ve never heard of a relaxation room before or have and are interested in learning more, we have the answers here.

Continue reading to get your answers to all of those questions and more. 

Why Do I Need To Wind Down After the Holidays?

You might be asking yourself, why do I need to wind down after the holidays? Is it even necessary? While everyone is different, a lot of people experience a feeling of exhaustion after the socializing and planning of the holidays. 

Ultimately, it is always a wise idea to listen to what your body is telling you it needs. If your body is telling you that it needs a moment of rest and relaxation, then you should listen to it. 

There are several reasons why your body needs rest. When the evidence resoundingly indicates that if you need to rest, doing so is truly therapeutic for the body and mind alike. 

The holidays, while enjoyable, can also be a time of extreme hustle-and-bustle. As a result, sometimes, we just hit the exhaustion wall and need a moment to recoup.

While rest sometimes feels like the antithesis of productivity, the reality is that it can be one of the more productive things that you can do for yourself.  When you pause, slow down, and give yourself a moment to relax, you can find that you will experience bodily and mental health benefits.

Of course, it is easier said than done to wind down after the holidays. You might be wondering, how can I actually wind down after the holidays? As mentioned earlier, different people have different ideas of relaxation. 

One that certainly is worth trying is called the relaxation room. Continue reading to learn more about what a relaxation room is, what the potential benefits of crafting one can be, and the items that you will need to successfully set up your own relaxation room. 

What Is a Relaxation Room? 

First, let’s discuss what exactly a relaxation room is—as well as what the goal of the relaxation room is. Essentially the relaxation room is a space where people can visit to provide them with a sense of tranquility, peace, and—you guessed it—relaxation. 

This is a reprieve from fast-paced life, and instead, is a place that celebrates slowing down and being intentional about time. Frequently, a hallmark of relaxation rooms includes walls painted in colors specially geared toward relaxation.

In addition, the furniture should also be comfortable. This is intentional, as the relaxation room should be devoid of anything that would potentially hinder a person from de-stressing. Super modernist furniture is cool, but if it leaves you with a backache, you will probably be more stressed than earlier.

A relaxation room will often feature pleasant, calming scents. You could include sounds that enhance the relaxation room aesthetic, as this is customary. Typically relaxation rooms will be entirely devoid of clutter, as the decor should lend itself to relaxing. 

What Are Some Potential Benefits of a Relaxation Room? 

As mentioned, a relaxation room is supposed to be a place that assists with de-stressing and provides an opportunity to get in touch with your inner zen. Therefore, there are plenty of potential benefits that accompany a relaxation room. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people are touched by stress—whether it be brought upon by the holidays or otherwise. It can impact both mental and physical health, and therefore, steps should be taken to reduce it. 

If you are experiencing stress, it is important that you have a healthy outlet for it. A relaxation room could potentially provide you with exactly that. 

How Can I Create My Own Relaxation Room? 

Now that you know what a relaxation room is, you might be wondering how you can craft your own. At CordaRoy’s, nothing is more important to us than your comfort. That’s why we’re providing you with some ideas on how you can craft your own relaxation room.

Continue reading to learn more. 

Idea #1: Set the Scene for Relaxing 

The first thing that you need to do in your relaxation room is set the stage for relaxing. This means painting the walls a relaxing hue, such as neutrals, beige, blue, or greens. 

These colors will all provide a grounding effect, and therefore, help set the scene for a relaxing space. When you are picking a color for your relaxation room, try to stay away from the bold, loud colors, like bright red or energetic pinks. 

Those certainly do have a place in the home—but the relaxation room is not one of them. If you are looking to wind down after the holidays, then the best way to do it is by surrounding yourself with demure colors that are toned down. 

You can choose to make your relaxation room silent, or you might prefer to pipe in some peaceful tunes, like piano instrumentals or soundtracks of waves crashing against the shore. Whichever you decide, you can experiment to see if one or the other is more relaxing to you. 

You could engage your sense of smell in this process. Be sure to select smells that aren’t too overwhelming. Scents like lavender and vanilla are especially known to have calming properties. You can try several different scents until you find one that fits what you want the space to smell like. 

Idea #2: Furnish Your Space with Comfort

As mentioned earlier, you need to be sure that the furniture in your relaxation room is not uncomfortable. Recall that the relaxation room is supposed to provide peace and a reprieve. If you are constantly shifting in your seat to get more comfortable, you are going to have a difficult time achieving this sense of calm.

First, you should be sure that your seat is comfortable. A foam seat, for instance, could provide the ultimate sense of comfort. This is because it can be easier to mold to your body’s unique shape. You should also be sure that you have a plethora of blankets to cozy up with. 

Anything that brings you relaxing vibes should have a place of honor in your relaxation room. For a lot of people, this will also mean pillows. Pillows are another must-have for a good relaxation room. Not only will they add a sense of comfort, but they are also super cozy if you are looking to cuddle up in your relaxation room. 

Do you want to kick your feet up? You can do that with a footstool. Once again, be sure that this is comfortable; otherwise, it defeats the purpose of the relaxation room in the first place. Ultimately, you want to be sure that everything you have in your space is intentional and brings you joy.

Idea #3: Don’t Forget to Include Relaxing Accessories in your Relaxation Room

Up next, you should be sure to include relaxing accessories in your relaxation room. These small details can tremendously enhance the peaceful vibe that you are looking to achieve in this room.

This room is your reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the world, so pick out accessories that reflect that. One accessory you could consider is a sand tray or even a small zen garden. Other than a few specific details, you should be sure to keep the clutter to a minimum as clutter can cue stress.

Rest and Recoup for a Better Tomorrow

If you are looking for ways that you can rest up after the holidays, the relaxation room might be exactly what you need. CordaRoy’s has all the essentials that you need to create a rejuvenating, relaxing space.


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