How To Decorate a Studio Apartment for a Homey Feel

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Studio apartments offer little wiggle room when it comes to decorating and making them feel homey. In fact, the average apartment sizes in the United States have gotten smaller in the last decade. Studio apartment owners are in a position to get creative with their minimal spaces.

We’ll show you how to decorate your space so you can feel cozy regardless of the square footage of your apartment. 

How Can You Maximize Your Space?

When it comes to studio apartments, every inch of space is precious. Utilizing every square inch of the layout of your home is going to maximize the efficiency and functionality of your living area. 

To do this, consider space-saving, multi-purpose furniture or options that double as other furniture. Daybeds are an excellent option for creating a sofa during the daytime that converts to a bed in the evening. 

Even space-saving furniture such as a chair that doubles as a bed can make a world of difference in creating a cozy environment that utilizes its floor space well.

Creating Zones

Another creative way to capitalize on your space is to create zones. Even studio apartments can have distinct zones. You only have to play with the furniture and accessories to make those zones happen. Zoning your apartment can help make a studio apartment feel homier and more inviting.

Some ways you can create zones for your apartment are:

  • Using a folding privacy wall divider
  • Installing a glass partition
  • Using a bookcase unit as a room divider
  • Use rugs to anchor specific zones, such as your bedroom or living room

Zones create a visual impact in your space. It will also help create the illusion of separation between the dining area, the seating area, or the sleeping area. 

Play With Height

Small spaces need height when it comes to making them appear larger. By utilizing your wall space and playing with furniture pieces that add height, you can transform your small apartment. Drawing the eye upwards is a great trick to make the room appear larger. 

Try accessories that make your space feel homey yet spacious. Hanging plants are an excellent source of decor that are year-round to create both height and depth in your apartment. Hanging curtains closer to the ceiling and using lighter fabrics will suggest a more open and inviting space. 

Also, if you are looking to save space, consider furniture that is slimmer and creates dimension without taking up precious square footage. A bar height table with stools adds height, while a minimalist bench at the foot of your bed creates depth and division between spaces. Avoid bulky furniture when choosing your studio apartment decor. 

Now you know how to maximize your studio apartment, let’s move on to filling it with all the things that make your house a home. 

Selecting Colors + Materials

Your studio apartment does not offer a lot of room for getting overly creative. To make sure your spaces are cohesive, consider sticking to a single color palette and shades throughout the room. Also, use the same materials sporadically throughout your zones. 

Once you have a palette that makes sense and you have established a few materials that make sense, you can make sure to use those as you build up your zones. 

Walls + Wall Decor

Painting your space may be out of the question, but that does not mean you cannot fill your apartment with your personality and style

An accent wall is a great interior design trick to create a dynamic focal point. Some landlords have rules and restrictions on painting and wallpaper, so you have to be strategic with your space. Your walls are the perfect place to add a piece of your personality—even if they have to remain white. 

Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves instantly add dimension to every nook in your space. What they also do is enhance your ability to decorate and build on your style. Most floating wall shelves come in wood or metal, which makes them versatile to almost any space.

The best thing about floating shelves? You can change up the look easily! You can change the entire aesthetic of the space when you swap for seasons, holidays, or to freshen up your space. They can also serve as helpful storage spaces (but, in general, it is best to avoid clutter).

Create a Gallery Wall

Looking for more studio apartment ideas?

Consider this: A gallery wall offers a focal point for your apartment. You can fill it with all the things that light you up! Plus, you can mount your TV to the wall and create a gallery around it. Your walls will boast attractive artwork to look at and not just a blank wall with a TV. 

Furthermore, it alleviates needing a TV stand or console table in your studio apartment, which is another way to save square footage. For example, try a PUK to maximize your tech options in a small space. 


The furniture you select for your space is crucial. With little room to work with, you need to have furniture that works harmoniously with one another to double as your sleeping space and your living space. Also, consider times when guests may need to stay with you. 

Give them (and you!) something cozy to cuddle up on. A soft chair to sink into and a plush footstool to rest your feet on will make a world of difference in creating your homey studio. Bonus points if you can easily tuck your footstools out of the way to create more space for sleeping arrangements. 

Storage Solutions

Storage options can be slim pickings in studio apartments. Chances are, you’ll have to create your storage solutions. Some spaces where you may find yourself needing extra storage solutions include the kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen Storage

You can find storage solutions that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing to your space. After all, decorating your studio apartment can include finding storage solutions that showcase your personality while being functional. 

An industrial metal shelf is a perfect solution for extra kitchen storage. It offers plenty of space and is a nod to pro kitchens. Artfully arrange your dishes, cookware, and bakeware for a storage solution that doubles as decor. 

Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms are tricky with studio apartments because they tend to be tiny in size and minimal in accommodations. Consider over-the-door storage solutions and pull out storage beneath your vanity that leaves the space still feeling open and airy.

Avoid shelving units or wall storage units that will make the bathroom feel cramped and cluttered. 

Hidden Storage

One of the most effective ways to decorate your space is to sprinkle in items that double as storage. Consider a side table that also doubles as a blanket basket. Or, try a storage bench near the front door that can act as a mini-mudroom for your apartment. 

Selecting baskets and bins that are simultaneously stylish and offer storage solutions is a great way to decorate your studio apartment while creating homes for all of your belongings. 

Accents That Pop

Creating a fun space involves adding accessories, decorations, and accents that pop and showcase your personality. You want it to be your space and feel like home, so these are the items that need to be carefully chosen and artfully arranged.

Get Creative With Your Furniture

So, you can’t paint the walls. Many apartments are strict on their painting policies, so how about you paint the things in the room? A pop of color on your bookshelves, coffee table, or desk can instantly add intrigue and imagination to your space. 

Pull your look together by adding the same color onto other surfaces, such as your throw pillows, picture frames, and furniture fabrics, to create cohesiveness within your space. 

Throw Pillows

The easiest way to decorate and swap out that decor with the changing seasons, holidays, or moods is to invest in a ton of pillows. Throw pillows are easy to re-cover with different fabrics and swap for a new pillowcase when inspiration hits. 

Also, throw pillow covers are easy to store without taking up too much of your space. So they are a win-win in every direction for a small studio apartment space!

Simple, But Effective Decor

Small spaces do not need a lot of over-the-top decorations to make them appear homey. Simply sticking to your color palette and adding in pops of vibrancy here and there will make a world of difference. 

Textures, such as furniture fabrics, rugs, pillows, curtains, and blankets, offer great ways to pull in those colors and draw the eye around the room. As you select your furniture and accents, opt for warm and cozy textures, such as chenille, corduroy, and plush furs to push that homey feel forward. 

Unlimited Ideas for Limited Space

Do you feel prepared to decorate your space? There are so many solutions that you can use to ensure your studio apartment is both stylish and functional. No matter what the square footage of your residence is, creating a home is a state of mind and takes just a bit of creativity and ingenuity to happen. 

From storage solutions and multi-functioning furniture to selective color palettes and materials, you can have your space feeling homey in no time.  


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