Cotton Hammock - Brazilian - White w/ Black Stripes

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The Brazilian cotton hammocks from CordaRoys is made with sustainable and ecological threads that dialogue with urban, contemporary and informal spaces. Enjoy the comforts of home while taking care of the environment. 

Sustainable Yarns

Developed in Brazil through agroecological cultivation, our plume is born colored, without the use of additives and dyes. Colored cotton is grown without chemical additives and certified as an organic product by Ecocert. Agroecological management has no impact on workers’ health or on the environment. As it does not have an irrigated culture or harmful dyeing, this environmentally sustainable process saves 87.5% of the water normally used in the production process.

Dimensions: 63" W x 165" L
Maximum weight: 400 lbs

Contents: (1) Hammock

Sustainable Organic Cottom Production

Sustainable Organic Cotton Production

Our Brazilian Hammocks are produced with organic colored cotton and recycled cotton - inputs that do not require water. Developed through agroecological cultivation, our plume is born colored, without the use of additives and dyes.

Quality Woven Fabric

Quality Woven Fabric

Local artisans work from home mastering techniques such as macramé, crochet and embroidery. At the factory, weavers and seamstresses make pieces made from thematic collections, developed with innovations in design.

26 cords for strength and stability

Better Weight Distribution

A hammocks quality is related to the number of suspension cords — the more cords it has, the more comfortable it is. CordaRoy's multicord design guarantees optimal weight distribution and unparalleled comfort.

Whipped Hammock Eyes

Whipped Hammock Eyes

Our hammocks feature a whipped end for the eyes to the connect the hammock for hanging. This stylish yet functional feature is unique to our Brazilian hammocks.

400 lb weight capacity

400 lb weight capacity

The combination of quality materials, extra cords and whipped ends adds strength and stability to our Brazilian hammocks.

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