Device Stand: How it Can Improve Your Conference Calls

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One thing is certain:  This year has introduced us to virtual everything.  It’s been a challenge to not only get your work done from home, but also to get it done effectively.  Once we all got a crash course on proper web conference etiquette, things got a little better.  Still, trying to accommodate a web based conference can be a nightmare for the inexperienced, but by now, we’ve probably all got a few “hacks” up our sleeves. 

Whether it’s secluding ourselves to the social media nook (aka the only toy-free, tidy space in the house), using a virtual background, or being the ultimate microphone mute/unmute jockey, we’ve developed ways to make web based conference calls not only sustainable, but incredibly effective.  There’s just one issue…device placement.  No matter what you’re working with, be it a smartphone or tablet, you need it to stay in place securely throughout your entire call. 

What usually happens?  You end up either hitting your device, or shaking the table it’s sitting on, and your device either falls completely over, giving your coworkers a lovely view of your ceiling, or you lose your perfect camera angle and are now giving everyone a comprehensive view of your chin and the underside of your nose.  Neither of these are great situations.  They result in embarrassment, distraction, and quite often, a pause in the work flow or conversation. 

There’s a better way to conduct your conference calls and save face.  Using a device stand like the PUK is the answer to your conference call and virtual meeting problems.  The PUK is a small, round disc-shaped object that is capable of holding any size device you have securely in place while you use it.  When we say “any size” we really mean any size; including phones or tablets that are in thick, protective, rubberized cases. 

The ability to use your device hands free while you attend a virtual conference call is extremely important.  You’ll almost always need to be keying in information on another device, or jotting down notes.  You simply cannot do this on the same surface you have your device sitting on, or it will inevitably topple over or begin to shake, giving all your coworkers or clients a headache. 

A device stand is also essential if you intend on capturing, and saving, your “best side” while you conference.  Let’s face it, no one wants to spend an entire conference call staring at a portion of your face or looking up your nostrils.  Do yourself, and your conference mates a favor and position your device in a stand like the PUK.  This will ensure your best angle is always in view and that you’re aren’t at risk of your device slipping and creating an embarrassing situation. 

We designed the PUK to fulfill a need we saw; a hands free device stand that could hold any device easily and safely.  What we developed became so much more.  Not only can a PUK improve your conference calls, it can help you as much as having another set of hands around the house; because when you use a PUK, you can use your own hands to tackle projects or tasks while still reading or reviewing on-screen content.  Here’s how you can enjoy a PUK in your own day to day life. 


The Cure for Conference Calls


WebEx, Zoom, FaceTime; these are great apps that allow us to connect with one another and see each other face to face, without having to be in the same room, state, or even country.  Even if your connectivity isn’t an issue and you’re an excellent speaker, it can all go downhill fast if your device gives way on you.  There are some guidelines to keeping your call professional, and using a PUK device stand can help you adhere to them. 

  • A PUK device stand can hold your device steady, so that you don’t have to worry about it shaking or falling over.  Additionally, the rubberized bottom will ensure that your device won’t slide around and cause you to lose your camera angle.  Especially when working from home, it’s crucial your device doesn’t suddenly pan to a portion of your surroundings you’d rather not have your coworkers or clients see.  We’re all human, and no one’s house is spotless, but even when working virtually we should all be entitled to some level of privacy. 
  • A PUK device stand can increase your ability to communicate better.  If you’re constantly focusing on holding your device or repositioning it, you likely aren’t giving your full attention to the topic of conversation or to business at hand.  This can be frustrating not only for you, but for your business partners.  If they feel you aren’t dedicated to the discussion they may feel their time is not being valued as it should be. 
  • Working hands free.  A PUK device stand can allow you to work hands free successfully.  Like we said previously, it’s highly likely you’ll need to use your hands to key in information on another computer or jot down notes or ideas.  It’s hard to do this if you’re holding your device in your hands or attempting to make sure it doesn’t slip and slide. 


Instructional Video Assistant


Ever wish you could pause your cooking show without knocking over your device?  Perhaps you’ve longed for a way to watch it without having to stop periodically to tower over the countertop to watch the flat screen.  A PUK device stand can be a godsend for do-it-yourselfers and at-home cooking semi-professionals alike.  Here are some ways you can use the PUK device stand concurrently with instructional video content.

  • Cooking helper.  If you’re following along with a cooking show or tutorial, a PUK device stand is an absolute must.  Not only will the PUK keep your device upright so you can easily view it from another place in the kitchen, it can also protect it from spills and accidents.  You’ll be able to finish recipes in double the time.
  • DIY projects.  There aren’t many do it yourself projects that don’t require both hands.  Because of this, it’s important that while you are working, your device is safe and secure, but in a place where you can easily see it, pause it, or play back portions of the video you need to see again.  The PUK device stand is a great solution for do it yourselfers, because it can not only hold their devices in a safe and secure place, it can be easily moved from one place to another.  If you’re working on a large project, this portability can be especially important; you can take your instructional video with you wherever you want. 
  • Fitness tutorials.  You may be working on a difficult yoga pose, or following along to a high intensity interval workout online.  No matter what your brand of fitness entails, a PUK device stand can keep your device upright, in view, and away from flying sweat or punching and kicking limbs.  Because the PUK is so small and portable, you can take it anywhere; even to your big box gym.  We probably don’t have to mention this, but the PUK makes videoing your one rep max bench press a lot easier than asking a stranger in the gym to do it for you. 
  • Sheet music must-have.  If you play an instrument, you probably love following along to scrolling sheet music online.  No matter where you sit your device, it can tend to fall over, get knocked around, or otherwise interrupt your melodious sounds.  Using a PUK device stand can help!  Simply place your device in the stand and forget about it. 


Can You Charge Your Device with a PUK?


It can be frustrating if you’re using a device stand and need a quick charge.  Most device stands won’t allow you to plug in your device while you’re using it.  With so much being done virtually this year, not being able to charge your device while it’s in use is completely unacceptable. 

The PUK won’t let you down; you can get a charge on any device in the PUK.  All you need to do is turn your device from landscape to portrait or vice-versa to expose the charging port.  Once you’ve done this, simply find a comfortable spot and plug in.  Your PUK device stand is small and easy to move from place to place, so you don’t have to worry about it taking a long time to relocate to an area with an electrical outlet.  This can mean you can get a low battery notification during your conference call, and simply plug in your charger.  There won’t be any need to awkwardly pause the call or disconnect and reconnect when you get to a charger. 

A PUK device stand is a great way to conduct business with proper etiquette on your device without having to hold it or prop it up awkwardly against something unstable or unsteady.  You can use a PUK anywhere, it is portable and easy to move around.  You can charge your device while using a PUK, unlike many device stands that don’t allow you to plug in while you are using your device.  Keep your devices safe, keep the integrity of your camera intact, and keep your conference calls professional by using a PUK device stand. 


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