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CordaRoy has the Perfect Furniture for Your Vacation Rental

You’ve worked hard your whole life to build the lifestyle you currently have. You work hard, you play hard, and you have certain dreams and aspirations that you are seeing come to fruition. One of those dreams is owning a short term or long term vacation rental, and it’s finally a reality. Whether you’ve purchased a brand new home or a well loved home, a beach side bungalow or a...

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Big Bean Bag Chairs

Long ago, in a teenage bedroom far, far away, posters of original boy bands adorned walls, VCRs still sat under television sets, and the big bean bag chair reigned supreme. Those days were the early 1990s, and while the decorative style of those years brings back fond memories, big bean bag chairs usually aren’t some of them. In fact, the big bean bag chair doesn’t usually elicit words like polished,...

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Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

If you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s you most likely had a bean bag chair in your room. This vinyl-covered, pellet-filled beauty was your favorite spot, and you (and your friends) spent hours in it honing your video gaming skills and talking to your friends on the landline. But although your beloved kids bean bag chair saw you through some of the best times of your childhood and...

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How to Maximize Beds at Your Vacation Rental Property

Being Vacation Rental Owners can be a great benefit for your family and your finances. Whether you’ve purchased a vacation home for your own family’s enjoyment, as an investment real estate property, or both, you’ll reap the benefits of potential rental income and have a special place for your family and potential guests to gather away from the rigorous demands of life. The rental industry is very competitive so you...

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Bean Bag Chairs: The Inside Scoop

When feathering our nests, be it a college dorm, our investment property, or our own homes, we often want to create a space that feels welcoming, inviting, and comfortable. We add accents that are attractive to us and somewhat functional, although sometimes function gives way to fashion, and we end up with a space that looks great but is about as comfortable as an uncovered bus stop. A polished accent...

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Bean Bags: The Ultimate Guide

Bean Bags: The Ultimate Guide When you think about a bean bag, you probably defer to some image in your mind from your youth. Those brightly colored vinyl, PVC filled sacks your best friends all had in their rooms bring back memories - smelly, sweaty, memories of playing Atari for hours, or talking on a landline phone.

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